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whats the best suspension kit i can get so that my car is low and at the same time my car rides smoothly because the coilovers i have on now car is so bumpy

posted by  climaxx

Sorry, you're looking for something that's pretty hard to accomplish. Lowering a car without changing the mounting points of the suspension means that your springs are going to be shorter OR your shock travel has to be shorter. Shorter springs will have a higher rate, so they are stiffer. Shorter shock/strut travel means you tend to end up on teh bump stops, making the ride very harsh (and bad for the shocks).

The only way to make it lower and ride good is to adgust the mounting points so you stil ahve suspension travel with stock rate springs. You'd need to either raise teh spindle in relation to the suspension (like the dropped spindles for street rods and lowered trucks) or raise the strut mount. I doubt there's a kit for the dropped spindles for the Si, and raising the strut mounts would require making the mounts higher than the hood.

I've seen an air ride kit for the Civics, but it isn't the best for handling, and it's pretty pricey.

Simply put, with late model cars, you kind of have to suck it up and accept the ride, or don't drop it so far. You ARE changing the geometry of the suspension, so you have to make a compromise somewhere.

posted by  ChrisV

Hi, I work for a company called TRTautotech. and I know we have a couple of suspension kits in stock. Pretty good price to because we probably need to get rid of it. Give us a call at 718-819-0801... We could basically get everything for imports, euros, and domestics. Give me a call if your interested. Thanks

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I just got my coilovers taken 2 days ago from my 96 Mazda MX6. I had the same problem. It is impossible to get a alignment. Until you have couple of G's to spend I would say you wouldn't be able lower your car without giving up the smooth ride. Even though my car looked nice low, the ride sucked. Only thing good is the handling. I use be able to do 50 mph or higher on turns with 25mph speed limit. I guess now I will increase my tire life since I don't have coilovers. I hoped you saved all your original parts before you got coilovers installed.

I would recommend going back to OEM and try to use camps on the OEM springs and see how that works out. That way you can always remove the clamps.

Hope this helps.

posted by  ZMan3000

tein has a kit that lowers and leaves a comfortable ride

posted by  mazda6man

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