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Hi everyone,

Im new to this forum but im wondering if u all could help. I drive a 99 Mitsubishi magna right now and im fairly happy with it but just want something more special. I am really interested in buying a Lexus ES300 1992-1995 model. They can be picked up pretty cheap now. I have heard nothing but good about the Lexus only downside is being a floaty handler and soft suspension. But apart from that as reliable as their Toyota counterparts.

So what are ur guys suggestions? Anyone own one and can fill me in on what its like to own one?

Thanks so much

posted by  facin8

The ES300 is a fancy Toyota Camry. Both my mom and girlfriend have one and it is a nice comfortable ride. The V-6 is super reliable, 120k miles and counting. You can modify it just as you would a Camry. Only the sheet metal, interior, and badges are different.

posted by  IS300GSXR600

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