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ok who gets pissed off when some moron who thinks he's kewl drives by in his civic with the bass poundin and his stoopid cherry bomb muffler making sum lame imitation of real performance
all the dum ricers stick a drainpipe under the chassis, japanese stickers in the window, and big chrome rims on and think theyre the shit
i have a canadian tire (for all u americans thatz a hardware/outdoors store)performance mag and the opening line is - tuning is all about customizing. wat happened to the good old days when tuning was all about tweaking ur engine for maniac speeds?
so if u ever pull up beside a wannabe civic at a stoplight, do me a favour and smoke that moron's pants off
*notice- i have nothing against civics they just seem to be the car of choice for the wannabe population*

to all wannabes :cussing: :fu: :cussing: :fu:

posted by  nitehawk_87

agreed...all you wannabes in civics can kiss my ass goodbye

hmmm y do wannabes always drives a civic? maybe its cheap?

posted by  BigBadBrat

Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. I always wondered why do all the wannabes also talk, and type, in ebonics? I suppose it makes it easier to identify them as idiots. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

Not all "rice boys" are imitators. Even if their car can only pull a 11 second quartermile trap time. Thats pretty damn fast, seings as that the car is not only FWD but started off at 16s 17s quartermile times. So you can't always tell a poser from a true tire burner...

posted by  DSMer

I do not hate all ricers. I have nothing against civics, and I have seen Mustangs running 13s. Usually you can tell an imitator from a real car at the stoplight-its either glorious burnouts or someone revving the shit out of their weedeater motor and going as fast as a geo.

posted by  nitehawk_87

You might think you can, but I highly doubt it. Looks can be decieving? You ever heard of something called a "sleeper".

Civics are FWD, I'd like to see you pull a good burnout in a FWD car....

posted by  DSMer

Reread my post-it says off the stoplight. That's when the cars start moving... a real car will get going, compared to a civic that's stock under the hood-all show, but you can tell there's no go when he tries to do a burnout.

posted by  nitehawk_87

HahaH yeah true. If it was real performance maybe it could do one in reverse. lol

Yeah I hate ricers. Most fast cars don't have rice, as if a real performance car is going to have all that rice sh!t to get copers attention. And true, civics arn't that bad, I saw a civic burn a dodge viper in a drag.

posted by  chichi

I agree with the Canadian, but in America we spell it favor, not favour. Actually, I am not sure which is worse, a pimple faced douche bag behind the wheel of his Civic/Corrola/Sentra with its 5foot rear wing and graphics, or a crazy canuck spouting off about a pimple faced douche bag behind the wheel of his Civic/Corrola/Sentra with its 5foot rear wing and graphics. Whaddya think, eh?

posted by  IS300GSXR600

Oh man hahaha! it's always the civic or the sentra with the huge fart cans on and the wings to keep them from flying away! hmm...check out my car, my mission is to keep it as far from ricing as I can http://www.cardomain.com/id/shiverep

Keep the rice in the bowls and off the streets

posted by  ShiverEP

racist against the japs now, hey... oh well be my guest

posted by  nitehawk_87

First thing I'll clear up the problem with my typing some of you seem to have. Ever heard of being in a rush?!
I will now eat my large slice of humble pie and admit that I am a bit of a wannabe since I don't own a car. If you've ever been to Canada you will know why. Performance versions are rare up here in the land of igloos :laughing: so it's taking me forever to find a car that is worth buying. The only performance parts shops we have sell Civic parts or parts for a bbc that cost as much as a car itself.
As for the fwd burnout, I have seen it-some guy from the reserve in his beater Ford Taurus. Then again, he pretty blew the motor in his efforts and had no tread left on his tires to begin with. Luckily he stopped before things got too wild-he had no control after about half a second.

Don't make fun of us Canucks or we'll make fun of you and your watered down American beers. Long live Canadian bars!!!

posted by  nitehawk_87

I agree totally.
I used to think the loud base was cool UNTIL EVERY IDIOT HAD IT and was playing it 24/7, now its just annoying.
The mufflers also are retarded, EXCPECIALLY ON HONDA CIVICS!! A car that slow, shouldn't be pretending to be somethin it isnt. :cussing:
I also hate those stupid plastic lookin hood-scoops people put on, so ugly...

posted by  101001

Sure, the guy that weaves through traffic with the huge spoiler and fartcan exhaust is probably a ricer, but I think most people take the term a bit too far.

To quote the oh-so-famous Bryan's rice boy page, in my mind a ricer is someone that tries to make their car look fast. It's not someone that makes their car look nice, and its certainly not someone that dives under the hood (cold air intake does not count).

Yet, time and time again, I see people labelling cars with body kits "rice," without ever knowing what's under the hood. Ok, if it's stock, that's pretty laughable. But if the owner actually tuned that thing, and waves bye-bye to a 100 grand BMW, I'd laugh my butt off.

Oh well, rice is in the eye of the beholder.

posted by  Rane

Yeah but dont forget about those ricers with a Honda Civic who has stolen a Type-R Emblem and glued it on their civic :laughing:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Hey, hey, hey, what's with the sig? I drive a Tibby lol

posted by  Rane

Is this what you mean by ricer?

posted by  GreekWarrior

A real rice car!!!


Good ol uncle bens! damn good rice not so quick to cook though :wink2:

posted by  Lukaz

I love that picture where did you get it? :thumbs:
It's hilarious>>a very good representation of rice

posted by  nitehawk_87

You can find alot of these pictures at http://www.beaterz.com/

posted by  Ghettoprotege

thank you i hate it when some dam civic comes up "all suped up" putting out less horsepower than my car did stock wondering why they were left at the line. duh!! you need a little more than a wing and some loud egxhaust

posted by  nektratta

yeah I just wanna second that. I live in a town in colorado were at least 50% of the population are ricers. Ive been waiting for someone to say that. I need an amen.

posted by  dylanadams

Lol is this what you are meaining by fart cans lol..... i love this (PS thanks to ghettoprotege for the site)


Another question... why don't more ppl go for the sleeper look?

posted by  MrBojangles

If you guys hate rice check out www.laughatrice.com
pretty funny site.
P.S. I think the whole ricer thing is because of all these ricer mags that are out now. I bought a mag called MPH and omfg every car in their had a turbo as an afterthought.

posted by  TopRPm

First off, read other posts I've made to understand that I'm not in favor of coffee can exhausts and 3 foot high wings.

Still, when done right, some visually modded cars can look damn nice. Although I admit, it's rare you'll ever see one of those driving around suburbia. I think most people want to reach for that image, but wind up stumbling along the way. Others, well, others just butcher their car beyond all human comprehension.

A few days back, a buddy of mine drove up in his "modded" ride. His mods? Huge exhaust (correction, HUGE exhaust) and a cold air intake. It defies all logic how he could think he somehow made it faster, but he insists those mods are the shiz-nit.

In the end though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I've seen lots of cars that I've loved (in those mags everyone loves to rag on, Super Street, IT, etc) . I guess what I'm ultimately saying is, if it's tasteful, it's alright with me.

posted by  Rane

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