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Hey, new member to these forums. I came across a thread in regards to the consequences for revving an engine and had a few questions. For starters, I have a 93 Mitsubishi Eclipse (automatic), bought from a private seller with a brand new tranny; I have owned the car for a good 3 or 4 months now. Now, I was just wondering if revving the engine while in park to about 5 or 6 rpm is bad for the tranny and/or the engine (no, not on a cold engine either). Also, is "manually shifting" a bad thing do to as well? Meaning, start off from a dead stop in "L" rev to around 3 or 4 rpm, shift to "2" rev to 3 or 4 rpm again, and finally shift to "D". I don't do these things often, considering my uncertainty of the consequences, so I figured I'd ask on here.

Thanks in advance.

posted by  FeaRx

not sure about your car but i did the same thing your talking about in a mustang first to second then overdrive once it gets to so many rpm and by doing that i tore out the front seal on my transmission and transmission fluid was spitting out of the front flywheel, we changed it our self about 2 weeks ago now when i rev it to first to second it does fine but when i go to second to overdrive it sticks and wont switch until i let off of the gas then push again, so i am taking it to a mechanic to try to have it fixed, good luck and rev it as you may but dont say i didnt warn you

posted by  EzMustang

very bad idea manual shifting an automatic you are tearing it up

posted by  nektratta

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