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:fu: i dont believe your 8.76 is a real time for thr pics of the black DSM shown. reply if you have any means to rebuff my accusation. ia have many reasons this car does not run 8's. :screwy:

posted by  b13se-rt

Ummm... I hate to be the one to break this to you... well not really, but... DSMer has said more than once that IS NOT his car. He has also provided links to the website of the builder. Next time before you make veiled accusations I suggest you engage your brain.

BTW, anytime someone uses the :fu: smilie to prove a point such as you do, it automatically deletes 25 points from their IQ. You have one use left before becoming a house plant.

posted by  vwhobo

damn looks like vwhobo just called you out! be easy on him

posted by  EzMustang

Hehe, vwhobo handled my call out for me. Thank you.. Nuff said. Bow down to the DSM :thumbs:

*Just being cocky*

posted by  DSMer

so, the pic's of the car that are with the post are of your car?
Futher, this car is 8.68 car? @ 168? Ok, really......What car are you talking about? I may be a newguy to this site but THAT car? :)

posted by  1990 TT

Its just sad when somone comes into a thread, not even knowing what they are talking about or even realizing if what they just conjured up makes any bit of sense. Not to mention re-stating incorrect numbers that are printed in bright red, literally centimeters within thier eyes. Cmon now....

posted by  DSMer

More correctly I think we can call you the new idiot on this forum. IT IS NOT HIS CAR! IT DOES NOT RUN 8.68@168. The next time before you type anything in any forum do everybody who may ever have the displeasure of reading one of your posts a favor and THINK, TYPE, SUBMIT. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

Hey DSMer, wasn't that u with the BMW M3 sig? What happened to it? I liked that one, no offense to the DSM one...

posted by  moostang104314

Umm, I still have it. I save all of my signatures in a file somwhere on my computer. I tend to change them according to my mood. I drove my neighbors M3 that week.....

posted by  DSMer

i like my new sig..if it works

posted by  Eclipse_2004

On top of all this and that, why is this thread in the 'Asian Imports' section?

posted by  DodgeRida67

probably because the talon is based on the eclipse

posted by  nitehawk_87

Or because you're a dumbass who does'nt know jack shit about Talons, Lazers, and Eclipse's. No the Talon is'nt "based" off of the Eclipse. They are the same cars made in the same factory, released the same year. Only difference are minor cosmetics like the eagle and a the diamond.

posted by  DSMer

except THAT talon, is running a custom built stage 3 motor by buschur racing and a custom built transmission capable of a 8second launch designed and tested by john sheppared himself...last time i was on the phone speaking with mr sheppared getting info on custom work to mine he mentioned that his car was running somewhere near 870hp to the wheels, now 870 ponies off the line with NO wheel hop at all, is more then capable of those times, search google for sheppard transmissions or sheppard racing and there is a vid clip of his 8.76 run...john as well as the owners at buschur ARE dsm gods

posted by  Decoder

Haha, DSM Gods. I like that. Well I like to think of the DSM as a beast that John Shep has managed to tame. Don't forget about our boys down at MachV Motorsports or FFWD Connection, who machine a knife edged crank like no other. Also AMS wich is a few minutes away from me(dyno time).

posted by  DSMer

and heres mine makin low 7's honest...........haanot not really

posted by  nektratta

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