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This debate is really kind of amusing to me... In the last thread about this more people said that the SR20DET will produce more power at it's redline of 7500 rpm... This is not true... HP = T(rpm) The KA will produce an outstanding amount of tourque that surpasses the SR motor... Therefore the redline of the KA (6500), 1000 less of an rpm, will not make a big enough difference... Just to clear things up! I have a 95' Nissan Altima with a turbocharged KA, and a buddy of mine has a 93 Turbo 240SX, with is the SR20DET... To be honest he has no chance whatsoever in keeping up with me...

posted by  KA24DE-T

Finally, some educated people that have thought processes that can be agreed upon.

posted by  DSMer

just to clear your formula up, its HP=T(rpm)/5252 being that is the point at which the HP and torque curves intersect at 5252 rpm. So if you're talking about the comparison between the rpm's try not to leave out this important part to the formula. That is if you want the rpms of the resulting HP if you have the torque numbers.

posted by  s13_Drifter

Youre right, i forgot to include the point of intersection, which is irrelevant if youre comparing 2 cars... Your dividing both equations by 5250, which will make the higher number still higher... I save time and leave that out during a comparison...
The point im trying to make is that the torque being made by the KA far surpasses the extra 1000 rpm's of a rev in the HP equation...
The new superstreet magazine includes an article on this topic, and to summarize what they say ill include an age old quote... "THERE IS NO REPLACMENT FOR DISPLACMENT"

posted by  KA24DE-T


We have a KA24DET with forged pistons and a Garrett GT25 turbo rated at 400hp, upgrade injectors and fuel system. In the other corner with a a Sr20det, nothing done to it, factory T25G turbo rated at around 220hp -240hp? Factory motor transplanted into a 240sx. Both cars have 3" exhausts and front mount intercoolers. Doesn't take much intelligence realise the KA24DET powered 240sx would toast the Sr20det.

Now lets compare a 240sx with a Sr20det with forged pistons, Garrett GT30 turbo rated at 550hp, aftermarket injectors and boost set to 20psi. The Sr20 powered car would toast the KA24DET power 240sx.

In other words, who ever motor had the most work, runs the most boost and has the bigger turbo installed. Will win!!!

So please, install a T2 on a KA24det and see how quick it goes?

In addition to that, the T25G turbo on the Sr20det runs out of puff at 15psi @5000rpm. Now, why does the t25g run out of puff at 5,000rpm @ 15psi on a sr20det?

posted by  57ock

Not always true. Yeah its more than likely that any engine with a bigger turbo and running higher boost would automaticly give off higher crank numbers, but that does'nt mean that the KA24-T would loose if placed in a 240SX.

Again as I have stated earlier, 550HP seems easy with the SR20DET. Hell with the ammount of misinformation going arround 550HP seems easy period. I can assure you it is NOT. I've worked on numerous 240's with KA24T's blocks and SR20T's. While the cars with SR20's tend to respond to mods very well and give generally good horspower ratings, the KA24's always come through in the end. The powerband on the KA24 and the ammount of boost you'll be able to run would kill most SR20's on the quartermile.

Its just that simple....

posted by  DSMer

Thank you for your opinions. It seems like the KA24 motor wins... Although this debate will continue forever, please keep adding to this forum as you have new thoughts...

posted by  KA24DE-T

I would have to agree with "s13 drifter", the KA24DE-T might not be as Powerful as the SR20DET. But take a KA naturally aspirated and build that motor up and then you will have a beast then compare that to the turbo SR20. I currently have a 90 240SX KA24E and I am boring the cyclinders .20 over and adding a bigger cam and titanium valve springs and other modifications such as a header and intake etc. And I have a friend who owns a 90 240SX SR20DET he has slightly modified his engine and when I finish my motor We will have comparison test's such as dyno results and 0-60 times and quarter mile times. Then we will see who in fact has the better engine.

posted by  KA Drifter

Ka24DE-T could beat an sr20 and others depend on how old the engines are.
most KA24DE engines get old and loses a lot horsepower. Sr20Det when they are installed (most of them are new) get the inital horsepower of 205.
horsepower torque
KA24de 155 160
Sr20de 150 140
(without turbo)

Keep tuning up the KA24. the SOHC engines for the 89-91 240's have only 140 hp.

posted by  J240SXricer

i'm new both to the board and the world of imports,so this might have been asked somewhere else but i'm planning on buying a 240 with a KA-T swapped DOHC Ka24DE. here's a list of what he told me the engine has installed--- S14 intake manifold (2ndary butterflies eliminated), S14 turbo exhaust manifold, 2.5'' downpipe to hi-flow cat, 3'' exhaust. Greddy FMIC, 2.5'' intercooler piping, HKS SSQ BOV, T3 Turbo, Turbo XS Manual Boost Controller, SR20DET injectors, Apexi SAFC2, boost/a/f/water temp gauges, Blitz FATT DCII turbo timer. After reading through some of the post you guys seem to know what you're talking about so could you hep a noobie out thanks :driving:

posted by  airmanUSN

who makes the ka24det?

posted by  TurboLag

nissan US i think it's the stock 24osx motor but this one i'm thinking of buying sounds like a frankinstien motor between the s13 and s14 turbo motor

posted by  airmanUSN

no replacement for displacement..? why not just smoke the lot and go with a VQ30DETT then..? oh.. because a stock RB25DET.. or even a stock RB26DETT will produce the same power?.... back to SR20DET Vs. KA24DE-T... umm... i do believe that the SR20DET has a lower compression.. the reason for cuttin' at 5k-revs is because of the internal wastegate, it's set to 15psi.. once you hit that 15psi then it cuts the boost and relys on engine alone.. lalalalalaa... oh and also.. as far as i know.. the KA24DE-T is actually cast iron block with an alloy head.. apposed to an SR20DET which is all alloy.. so i'm guessin' that it's lighter..?

i say.. drop an SR20DET into an AE86.. spend $20k on the engine alone.. get a $6k dog box made.. and work the diff with a 2way TRD LSD.. 4.1:1 ratio.. and then do the same to a KA24DE-T.. in an AE86.. all the same set up...

as my daddy taught me, every action has a reaction.. every little thing u do to both engine's would leave the biggest difference considering the type of 'performance' engine that they are..

if yall really wanna go.. "No replacement for Displacement".. then why not just go nuts and twin turbo a 1UZFE...?...:)... 250ci V8..(3968cc)... i'm sure that nothing would want to front up to that... i do believe that the HKS JZA80 has one..?

anyways.. i'm done with this thread.. overall.. i say comparing the stock engines together.. the KA24DE-T is the obvious winner.. personally though.. i would prefer an SR20DET.. mainly for availiabilty here in australia..

posted by  HyundaGuy


the KA24DE-T would be OUTRIGHT better for drag racing, but the SR20DET would be MUUUCH better for drifting/track.... depending on what you actually want the engine for depend's on sooooo much, so be more specific about what you actually want the engine for before you even decide that one is better then the other.

posted by  HyundaGuy

sr20detts have internal wastegates? didnt know that... external wastegates produce more boost compared to internal ones.

posted by  niSMoFO

sr20det, there is only one turbo............

posted by  GreekWarrior

I had a stock 97 altima I had my motor rebuilt and would STOMP all over ricers and the only mod I did was put on an intake and take a hack saw to my muffler. When my basically stock 15 year old rebuilt ka24 altima destroyed hondas scions and acuras alll day im gonna have to give it credit and I have a guy with at least $5000 under the hood of his rsx thatll admit all he could do was keep up with me. Gotta give it up for a truck motor

Yankee0422   25 Mar 2012 06:12

I have personally had both a KA-t and a SR in my car and I can say that the SR20det is sooo much better. More responsive feel than the KA-t but thats probably cause the KA had a t3/t04E turbo so longer spool time. Either way, I say if you wanna continue this pissing contest, put a stock t25 turbo from a SR onto a KA and then race a stock SR swapped 240 and see who wins. That scenario basically leaves it up to which is the better engine...

Jake   14 Feb 2013 01:34

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