1990 300 zx twin turbo manual trans Issue

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My Manual clutch just went out. Car is 34,000 mile car never driven in rain or snow/salt. The clutch lost pressue very quickly while driving, after a mile or so NO pedel. OK, so I traced it to the Slave Cyclinder and found that it was leaking and that cause the master to run out of fluid. No big deal I replaced it with a new Nissan part. Now, after replacing and bleeding the system, the slave cylinder acuates but the clutch wont disingage? ie; cant put in gear with motor running. What happened? Did I bend the forks on the throw out lever? Did the throw out bearing bind up causing the lever to bend and at the same time over pressureize the slave causing it to blow .? thus causing the slave to fail/leak? With out dropping the trany I wont know But I thought I could ask some of you all before going to Nissan and getting the run a round.
I welcome any advice.

posted by  1990 TT

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