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Hi, I own a 1993 Eagle Talon Manual Tsi Awd
I have this problem with my turn signals and radio.
It explains in my owners book that the turn signals and radio are on the same wiring junction. I checked's ok
I have lost both. I checked all fuse's and fusible links ....ok
Checked the bulbs...ok
I had an electrical dianosis done on the car.
The guy shook his head in confusement...and then charged me $140 for nothing...thanks buddy!!!
The flasher mechanism i changed just to be's now ok..still nothin :banghead:
I am so frustrated by this car.
There is power going to the damned signals, she just refuses to flash!!!!!!! AAHH. Am i missing something??? please before i completely loose it someone help me...please.

posted by  Karcas

First step would be to go back to that Mechanic turn your boot sideways and stick is straight up his ass and get your $140 back. :thumbs:

Then find an actual "professional"

posted by  Eclipse_2004

:laughing: trust me , the thought crossed .....hell who am i kidding, it dominated my thoughts. But the mechanic is built and he'd smash me
"like small bug" squish!!!
Try finding an honest mechanic. thats a joke all in itself.
Unless your related to the guy, your screwed.

posted by  Karcas

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