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Yo i'm purchasing a 240sx soon.. hopefully. its got about 165000 miles on it and it is 2700 OBO. so i figure 2250. it's got a new exhaust and it has a suspension upgrade. the only thing i'm worried about is the engine mileage. i'm familiar with the KB- Nissan motors but i'm not sure how durable they are. and if there are ne common probems i should look for on this car. the link for the car is here
here (http://autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_id=171254832&dealer_id=&car_year=199 0&make=NISSAN&distance=25&max_price=4000&model=240SX&advcd_on=n&end_year=20 05&min_price=&certified=n&address=60077&search_type=used&advanced=n&start_y ear=1984&color=&cardist=4)

posted by  ctp_mechanix

i used to have 95 s14 (now 98 s14) let me tell you , damn thing would not die . it had 220.000 miles when i sold it and car ran good (only think was timing chain was loud since 140-150 k ) changed o2 sensor maybe twice (60$) + normal items ( brakes, tunup, fuel filter,etc) . if the owner changed oil regularly every 3-4k miles its very comon for ka24 to make it to 260000 miles

posted by  lelek

I agree...if it is cared for...you will be able to see it but to be sure...have a mechanic make a thorough check of the engine and chassis

The KA is eternal and immortal :clap:

posted by  NISSANSPDR

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