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Well, I finally got to the point where I'm going to upgrade the IC on my 300ZX (1992, mods in sig). Problem is, they make many FMIC's (front mount intercooler) and SMIC's(side mount intercoolers {2}) for it. I wanted to know which would be best....eventually I will be running in my goal of 550-600rwhp and I want to know which would be best to cool this air on down. Here are some of the options I'm looking at...

Z1's Side Mounts olers/z1SMIC.asp

Stillen's Side Mounts illenIC.asp

HKS and Greddy Front Mounts

Thanks in advance.

posted by  thunderbird1100



posted by  thunderbird1100

Hmm... lets think for a minute... When a car travels forward wich part of the car usually gets the most air? Could it be the back? Nope its not that. Maybe to top? Yeah that gets air let mount the IC up there.

Oh my gosh, you dare not to ask such a redundant question. Either get a FMIC, or sell your car to someone who will know what to do on there goal to 600RWHP.

posted by  DSMer

The Side Mount Intercoolers mount up front just like an FMIC, just on the sides of the car (basically behind the same front bumper the FMIC would go behind, just instead of i nthe middle, it's on the sides) and not the center-front. If it were that simple I wouldnt have asked this question, DUH. Look before you yap.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Do me a favor, go pour soap and draino all over the floor of your bathtub get a belt and make a loop.... Um No. Seriously, look at the surface area of the FMIC compared to the SMIC. Also, if you're very serious about pushing extreme ammount of HP and boost, then you should buy an aftermarket bumper with an opening in the middle and mount the IC there. The FMIC does'nt always have to go behind the bumper support. It can easily be mounted right in front of the bumper support with some modification.

posted by  DSMer

I called up Z1 motorsports and they said there really is no advantages over the other with SMICs and a FMIC on the Z32. They said most of the SMIC's come with thicker cores but the FMIC have a bit more surface area. He said in their dyno testing all got within 2-3rwhp of each other and actually their in-house Z1 SMICs were on top in a few pulls (they have VERY thick cores on thiers). I guess i'll just go with the SMICs for more simplicity and also knowing they can too support easily 600rwhp (they used their in house SMICs on thier 812rwhp 300zxtt). Plus the their SMICs seem to be a bit cheaper than the HKS or Greddy FMIC (he said he could sell me the in-house ones for $650, which is an excellent deal).

posted by  thunderbird1100

I'd still have to go with the idea of mounting the FMIC right behind the front fascia but in front of the front bumper support. Then use one of those body kits that like spider fangs or half assed cow catchers(so they do make those for a reason). Extreme_Dimensions/90_96_300zx_demonfront.jpg
OR Extreme_Dimensions/90_96_300zx_typegfront.jpg

With the mounting in front of the bumper support(I know for a fact that this raises HP gains on DSM's so it "should" work for a 300ZX) you get more direct air onto the surface area of the IC. So intheory it should cool the air, thus making ot more dense, and so on and so on.....

posted by  DSMer

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