My 2002 Orange Lancer

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Here's my ride and mods

Blitz Bodykit (First One Produced)
Carbon Fiber Altezza's (Elegante by TYC)
Visonik 6.8 Lcd Tv
2- 1200 watt Legacy Red Series Subs
Power Acoustik LT980/2 Amp (Hyper Bass Series)
Power Acoustik 2.4 Farad Cap.
Custom Sub Enclosure Box
Panasonic Ghost/Touchscreen Cd Player
Sony Playstation 2 / Microsoft X-Box
HID Headlight Conversion
400 Watt Power Invertor
Speedy Lite 7's - 17" Rims
Kuhomo Racing Tires
Nozzle Light Rear Plate Holder
6 Interior Strobe Lights
Shaved Door Handles
Spal 7 Channel Shaved Door Kit
Shaved Trunk Lock
Shaved Trunk Emblems
Custom Exhaust W/ Silencer
Chrome Front Grill

WE are currently looking for new members for our crew (DNA) and also sponsorships.

posted by  DIPstickMag

nice lancer, heres a pic of my friends old lancer before he sold it... for a 300ZXTT full.jpg

posted by  mazda6man

no, im sorry, traded it straight across

posted by  mazda6man

pleez read my post on wannabes
it might give u an idea-get under the hood of your :cussing: car
then maybe you can do 0-60 in less than 9 seconds :laughing:

posted by  nitehawk_87

i swear, if you only want to flame people find another forum

posted by  mazda6man

Did you know that certain species of butterflies try to mimic the monarch (I think it's the monarch)? This is because the monarch butterfly tastes bad, so by pretending to be the monarch, predators will not eat the butterfly - even though it is not really a monarch! Isn't that amazing?

If you have a problem with wannabes, you can start with those non-monarch butterflies. Damn posers. :wink2:

posted by  MaChao

nice post muchao..

yo! i have a 2002 lancer es.. aswell... not planning to make it that pimp. it wouldnt look right. i would like to pimp it out just a lil bit.. maybe new tail lights, a lip kit, a stock spoiler (oz spoiler) and bigger rims and tires.. as of right now everything is stock.. except i stole a 6 inch s2000 antenna and replaced the 17inch or so lancer antenna. i also had my rear passenger and rear window tinted to 5%. also have a sticker on the rear window and 2 6x9 speakers with 600 max wats. thats basicly it. do you have better pictures of your car? both exterior and interior.

posted by  Ki2AY

if you're going to buy a mitsubishi, at least buy one with all wheel drive

posted by  nektratta

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