hatchback problem on a 92 Talon

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ok i just brought the car, but when i open the hatchback, i lift it up and it wont stay, i have to hold it up inorder for it to stay.

anyone know why this is like this or how can i fix it?

posted by  DrunkenMasterA

I had the same problem when I bought my 93 Eclipse GS. It's the compression rods that hold up the hatchback. Usually you can find them at your local car parts retailer, such as AutoZone for $20/each.

posted by  FeaRx

welcome to the life of owning a DSM both mine had the same problem, not expensive to fix,

posted by  Decoder

yup that is a common problem cuz both my first and second generation eclipses had that problem

posted by  nektratta

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