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I have a 1993 honda accord that won't start.

The starter cranks over powerfully... I put new sparkplugs in it. I checked my airfilter...it sounds like it wants to start.. the engine cranks a couple times.. then it stops... the engine is never really running...

things I've tried:

I tried starting it with the air filter removed..

I also verified my spark plugs are actually firing (ruling out a spark plug cable problem... I also replaced the sparkplugs

Its a manual transmission and it won't start if I pop the clutch while moving at a good clip (after being pushed), we wore ourselves out pushing this thing up and down the street

When I turn my key the starter cranks away... sounds strong.. and the engine sounds like it wants to start.. the engine then turns a few times then it dies...

before this started happening I started hearing a metallic type noise coming from the engine under heavy acceleration... but if I accelerated slowly it wouldn't make the noise... I demonstrated the noise to a friend of mine and he said it could be a timing belt problem (he also said the noise could just be exhaust causing vibration somewhere in the exhaust system).... so I'm wondering if it was a timing belt problem. Could a timing belt issue cause my car not to start?

The timing belt was replaced in February of this year (8 months ago).... could it have been installed incorrectly? What about a potential fuel injector problem? What do you guys recommend for troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

posted by  salsa086

This is a very common problem with 90-93 Accord's with the F22 engine having 150-200k miles. I had the same problem with mine at around 190k. It would crank but not turn over (mostly in hot weather. Here's the problem, and it's actually kind of simple. It's a $100 Relay that needs to be replaced, solves the problem perfectly. Just take it to your local Honda/Acura specialist, they will know exactly what you're talking about and know it's probably the Relay that needs to be replaced. Shouldn't cost more than $150-$180 with labor.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Thanks for the info... I actually fixed it myself.. my grounding cable that connects to my thermostat cover was loose... after I tightened it the car started right up (credit to this goes to my local honda mechanic)

posted by  salsa086

sounds like fuel pump giving sum trouble.
Pour sum fuel in the intake and try to start. If it starts and then stalls its a fuel problem. It might be the pump. Get some one to tumble the car and you go under the fuel tank and listen for the fuel pump. If you dont here anything replace the pump and you should be gud to go.

posted by  Justin31

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