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I've heard this is the best engine Nissan has made. Can anyone explain why?

Much appreciated!

posted by  XujinkoSky

Its not the best engine they have ever made. It is considered to be the most powerful engine they ever made. Its an Inline 6 and twin turbo. Huge ammounts of HP can be pushed from these motors(in the 1000 range) and they go in Skylines. Wich is probably where that "best motor" thing comes from. Best motor from Nissan has to be the SR20DET. Can't beat that 4 banger when it comes to price, horsepower, and reliability. Although the new VQ35's don't look all that bad, they just need more time to be proven to handle higher levels of boost.

posted by  DSMer

Thanks. I'll look into these engines.

posted by  XujinkoSky

The only thing bad about boosting the VQ35De I'd be worried about are the VERY skinny/weak stock rods. Probably why the Greddy TT kit for it only runs 5.6psi. Just google to find a pic of the rods....it's amazing it can even take 6psi for any length of time.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well the problem is that all the V6 platforms run on practicly the same engine. So what I think happened was that the Maxima was designed to have the VQ35DE first, then they altered the ECU and engine measurments to produce more power for the G35, 350Z, and any other model that has the V6 in it. So that "could" explain the fragile rods.

Just give the engine some time, it is a new platform so its going to take some time to get it up to standards with the VG30, RB25, Honda 3.0V6, and 6G73.

posted by  DSMer

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