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Which do you think is the better car in your opinion and why?

posted by  GreekWarrior

If you are talking about the cost performance, Evo is way better for that price!
Evo costs $30K while GTR costs over $60K
Also Evo is slightly faster on 0-60m
EVO: 4.8 sec 0-60m
GTR: 5.1 sec 0-60m

posted by  zook83

The Evo is probably better, with slightly better performance and cheaper price. (compared to the cost of importing a Skyline.) So i'm for the Evo, although the Skyline is more reknowned and widely known imo.

posted by  moostang104314

Here we go again with another one of these threads....

But I like this thread because it proves a valid point to all those kids who wanna import Skylines and think they will run the streets. Its possible, but not likley. The Evo however, might just be one of those cars that would have people on the streets backing off the line in fear of loosing money. The Evo cost $30,000 straight from the dealer. A GTR V-Spec II costs arround $90,000 straight from Motorex. So for $60,000 less, you not only have a car that can beat the Skyline at pretty much everything in stock form. But you have another 60k to add modifications to an Evo.

Now for all you Sykline finatics, you're going to probably blant some kinda of random obsenity like "No Way", or "Skylines have more HP", "Everyone has Evos" and etc. Well its time to face facts you ball ryders. Skylines are not worth half the money you'll end up paying for them. You won't own the streets(and I'll see to that so long as the DSM is arround). You may get a few good stares, some nice inquirerys, and a few fine girls who will soon leave you once they find out you spent all of your hard earned money on a Skyline and you reallty are'nt rich. So enough of that, its time for some numbers!

Skyline GTR
Base Price: $89,500
Engine Setup: Water Cooled RB26DETT Inline 6
Engine HP: 276.0 bhp @ 6800 rpm
Engine TQ: 216.1 ft lbs @ 4400 rpm
Redline: 8000 rpm
Gear Box: Gear Type Getrag 6-Speed Manual
Top Speed: 155 mph
Drive Train: Drive Wheels Full Time 4WD
¼ mile: 13.7
0-60 mph: 5.0
0-100 mph: 13.0 seconds
EPA City/Hwy: Combined 22.8 mpg

Lancer Evo VIII
Base Price: $31 000
Engine Setup: Turbocharged 4G63 Inline-4
Engine HP: 271.0 bhp @ 6500 rpm
Engine TQ: 273 ft lbs @ 3500 rpm
Redline: 7000rpm
Gear Box: 5-Speed Manual
Top Speed: 155.0 mph
Drive Train: Full Time 4WD w/Front and Rear LSDs
¼ mile: 13.3 seconds
0-60 mph: 5.0 seconds
0-100 mph: 13.0 seconds
EPA City/Hwy: 21 mpg

As you can see, the stock capabilites of a Skyline are nowhere near the point of killing an Evo. Neither is the Evo. But for the price of $31k, its just common sense, you get more for you money with the VIII. I have no idea why a Skyline even cost $90k. Its not even worth $50K. Skylines should cost the same ammount as an Infinity G35 Coupe, because $90K is rediculous for the performance that a Skyline offers.

posted by  DSMer

Where do you guys live? Do you have to privately import skylines where your from? 90K? Maybe for an R34 GT-R. Here in Australia where I live I can go down to a japanese sales lot and get a R32 GT-R (See below) for 25-30K. I'm thinking of either getting a GT-R or an Evo as I think they are both great cars.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Well we this is a predominantly American based forum. We have to pay big bucks to import GT-R's and I tell you they aint coming any easier than $35K. Also, it does'nt matter what corresponding year of Evolution you pit against any Skyline. The Evo comes out on top every single time. All the way from 1 to 8. Price, power, handling, etc...

Also if you have $25-30K, you might as well go ahead n get an Evo 8. Save trouble, time, money, and the hassle of having an almost 10 year old Skyline.

posted by  DSMer

True the evo does have its good points but the RB26 in the GT-R has more power potential then the 4G63. Don't get me wrong I think evo's are awesome and pretty fast for an engine of that size, the evo's awd set-up goes well with it too. But in the end I will probably end up buying a GT-R quite simply because I like them, but who knows I might end up getting an evo instead.

posted by  GreekWarrior

RB26's don't come in R32's. However the 4G63T comes in every single Evo. Sure the RB26 can boast 1000's of HP. But how much of that horsepower can actually be harnessed without spending 10's of thousands of dollars on suspension, tires, and LSD's to actually controll 1000HP? I can assure you there are more than a handfull of Skylines pushing 1200+ RWHP or AWHP. I can also assure you that if they are at that level, they are either sponsored with hundreds of thousands of dollars put into them. The other of those Skylines are either somwhere in a garage, being babied to death or they are dyno queens that can't be driven on the streets.

The fact that a car can put down 1000HP on a dyno means abosulutley nothing if that 1000HP can not be transferred to the wheels in an effecient way. That does'nt go for just Skylines, that goes for Supras, 300ZX's, Camaros, Corvettes, and Mustangs alike. Boasting 800RWHP won't do anything if you cant transfer it to whe wheels and spend 5 seconds trying to get grip at the drag strip or you can't accelerate out of a corner without your car loosing control.

I've seen quite a few drag races, where guys with 400-500HP Civics beat Corvettes, Supras, and Nissan Z's. Now what does this mean? Its not always about the ammount horswpower, its the way and the mannor you get that power to the wheels because in the world of cars, performance is'nt just a number....

posted by  DSMer

Acually, R32 GT-R's do come with the RB26 and also are easier to get results from your mods then the 4G63. The GT-R, like the evo, is a race bred car that was used as a circuit car and the evo a rally car. These two cars where built for different things so you can't really compare the two because as you said performance isn't just a number.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Oh yeah you're right. Is'nt the RB26DETT the twin turbo version and the RB25DET is the single turbo. I'll have to highly disagree with the getting more results from the mods. Thats just not true. The 4G63T seems to be the more efficient in modification response. Going from 280-500+HP in only $3800-$4000. The Skylines modifications cost almost 2x's as much as an Evo, and while they may respond very well the dollar:horsepower ratio would be almost 3x's higher than that of a 4G63. Simply because the RB26DETT has 6 cylinders. The lower power gains initally on the Evo would prove to be more efficient than that Skyline, but when you got into the category of bigger turbos, modified internals, etc... the Skyline would boast more HP. But as I said before, boasted HP does'nt help when you have to spend $10,000 to use it.

So with the Skyline, you'd prove to be more efficient if you don't get dangerous with the HP. Provided that you did'nt turn the car into some sort of uncontrolable beast, you should'nt reach more than 600-700HP range.

posted by  DSMer

Really, only that much? Thats pretty good, I didn't know that. :doh: I might have to reconsider the car I'm going to purchase. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

okay...yes i am a skyline fanatic...i know the EVO stock is better off the lot than a Skyline...if you have the money...proper tunning would destroy an EVO...i forget the tuner of this skyline...but it runs 8s...theres no way the EVO power plant can make 8s...my guess is the most the EVO powerplant is capable of is 800hp at the max...skylines are capable of 1000hp+...so my final analysis...EVO is good if you are short on cash looking to build a fast car thats cheap...Skyline is best if you have the finances...thats a fair conclusion...=]...not bad for a 15 year old aye?

posted by  XstacyGTR

i could car less though my first car is gonna be a 240sx!!!...imma try get a SR20DETT in there...then ill be happy...=]

posted by  XstacyGTR

There is an Evo in Australia running at 1200 hp, in the low 8's.

posted by  abless

okay...yes i am a skyline fanatic...
Right now, this is what I would like to call a concession to a future biased statement. You are allready making it clear that you are going to side with the Skyline no matter what.

i know the EVO stock is better off the lot than a Skyline...if you have the money...proper tunning would destroy an EVO
The Evo not only is better off stock, it can perform in almost every class of racing. Including rallying, wich most Skylines will not dare to enter.

...i forget the tuner of this skyline...but it runs 8s...theres no way the EVO power plant can make 8s...

Have you seen my signature? Just so happens to be a car thats almost 10 years old on the same engine that powers the Evo now. The 4G63T. Now if that car can run 8's and its almost 10 years old. What makes you think that a newer one would'nt be able to run even lower times?

my guess is the most the EVO powerplant is capable of is 800hp at the max...skylines are capable of 1000hp+
Exactly, your guess. Wich I have allready concluded that its been flawed with your "rice-boy" analogys and lack of automotive experience. While there are a few people whos have pushed 4G63T's beyond 800. Horsepower means nothing if you can't apply it to moving force. I don't care if your supercharged, bored out, strokered 67 Mustang can pull 1600HP on a dyno. If that car can even move through a trap time as fast as a car with less than half the power its useless horsepower. Simple as that

...so my final analysis...EVO is good if you are short on cash looking to build a fast car thats cheap...
While this may be one of the only things I agree with. Not everyone considers a $26,000 car to be cheap.

Skyline is best if you have the finances...thats a fair conclusion...=]...not bad for a 15 year old aye?
I wish I would have read that last line before replying to this. You're 15, you're not even old enough to drive or buy a car. Your opinion is meaningless. Point being, if you have 100,000's of dollars to buy a car. Go buy a PorscheGT, Ferrari 360, or BMW Z8. Save yourself the hassle of the Money pool that Skylines tend to create. Power per dollar. I don't know many logical people willing to spend $80,000 for a 260HP car when there ar $28,000 cars with 280 and 300 HP. Unless that car happens to be the EXTREMELY overated Nissan Skyline.

posted by  DSMer

I'm not totally disagreeing with you but a GT-R would kill an evo on a circuit. Check out this legendary Gibson R32 Bathurst-conquering GT-R.

This video clip shows a couple of jap cars vs. each other including an evo and GT-R.


posted by  GreekWarrior

Meh that does'nt really mean anything. I could just as easily show you an evo race car. Does'nt mean that the Evo is better for circiut racing. Now a GT-R taking an Evo stock I would'nt doubt. Then again I think the Evo might actually come out on top. Run the nurburguring track numbers n see what you come up with.

posted by  DSMer

Just for your information the fastest awd in the world is the HKS R33 GT-R, which runs a 7.671sec quarter mile time at 181.98mph. :thumbs:


http://www.car-videos.com/videos/nissan.asp (go to HKS Skyline Test Run at that site)

Also Veilside's R32 GT-R is currently the fastest awd 0-300km/h(0-180mph) record holder at 13secs.

http://www.onlineshowoff.com/index.asp?section=feature&entryid=24 (Check through this site of info)

And Jun's R33 GT-R is the awd top speed recorder holder, 383.8km/h.


posted by  GreekWarrior

Noticed 2 Evo VII @ Queensland raceway running against one r32 gtr v spec and a r34 gtr M spec. Plus some other cars like sti, silvia, porsche.

Both the R32 & R34 gtr on the straight pulled away from the EVO pretty easy. But the 911 turbo pulled away from everyone :)

In Australia, r32 GTR go for about 20k USD. R34 are around the 40k USD. Just means the yanks are getting ripped off

posted by  57ock

Hey DSMer I was just wondering what car you drive?

posted by  GreekWarrior

None other than a 92 Eclipse GS-T. You could'nt tell by the name?

posted by  DSMer

He lives in Australia right? I live in Australia too and I think his talking about the cars age, we have a 15 year old import law here but I won't go to much into detail. But anyway I think you complete wreacked him.

As for the topic, in Australia Evo VIII's are like 80k to import (unless you are talking about any evo) and a used GTR R34 or R33 is about 70k. Im assuming that you people are talking about new imports here, so I don't know what all you Aussies are on about GTR's are only 25k which you can get a really old R32. So for price I thinks the Evo is better and easy to mod.(for a new evo fitted with just a aftermarket turbo can get to 500hp)

posted by  chichi

The way I'm comparing the two is by year, for example: a 1990 skyline GT-R vs. a 1990 Evo.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Ok, it think that, no matter what you say, the Skyline will not be better simply because of the price:performance ratio. If the price went down then maybe..., but Skyline fanboys like yourselves will just make Nissans bussiness go up, and then they wont reduce the price.

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

Definately the EVO

posted by  barretire

EVO for sure if youre having trouble deciding just go test drive an EVo you will never want to buy a Skyline. I respect SkyLine's but unless you got deep pockets theyre just too expensive for what theyre offering.

posted by  TopRPm

I think I would go with a GT-R. I think that the car could withstand more boosting of performance than an Evo could. Thats just my take. :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

Exaclty where does this "take" come from? Do you have any proof or information that would even support that? Or are you just blowing hot air out of that thing between your two butt cheecks?

If you're going to lay out an assumption like that, please do us all the favor and back it up with some kinda evidence. Quotes and opinions like that just beg to be corrected.

posted by  DSMer

I just think that the Skyline body is just a more versitile vehicle than an Evos. From what I can tell it has a smaller engine compacity than a Skyline does, and the Skyline appears to be a larger car, creating a slight advantage dependant apon what one would do with said car. I was simply puting what I believed. It was my opinion, so in theory one could not say that what I said was wrong due to the fact that it was simply opinion. OK? :2cents: :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

SO the body style has a direct correlation to engine performance? I know it was your opinion, you don't have to validate a shitty answer by saying it was your opinion. Opinions can be wrong, contrary to popular belief.

My question was: "Where do you get the idea that a Skyline can handle more performance boosting than an Evo". You have yet to answer the question.

posted by  DSMer

I believe that the frame of the Evo is lighter, with less steel, and so I based my opinion on that, and that it couldnt support as much body torque that could come from a fully upgraded engine, and the wieght of a different engine. I wouldnt be surprised if I was wrong, but I just believe that the frame of the GT-R could take more than the frame of the Evo. :2cents: :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Someone said something about 800+ Horsepower on an EVO. How can you get that much, and what website sells the materials you need?

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

Hey DSMer what have you got against skylines anyway?

posted by  GreekWarrior

Absolutley nothing. They are just impractical. Alot of them cost to much money for what they are offering. Sure its probably the greatest road car ever produced by a Japaneese auto manufactuer, but how many people will actually be competing in SCCA sanctioned events with 5ooHP Skylines? The car just is'nt practical for a younger sports tuner enthuisiast, beginners, or anyone short of a $50,000 income.

Its a nice car, I'd love to have one, but its just impractical when you have other sports cars that offer almost the same or even greter performance for more than half the price.

Again if you have deep pockets and 10's of thousands of dollars to spend on a car. Go ahead n puchase a skyline.

posted by  DSMer

True there about SCCA events, how many EVOs compared to Skylines do you see? I've yet to even find a Skyline in ANY SCCA event I've been too or seen on TV. The EVO RS's are starting to hit the tracks now, pretty neat.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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