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recently my friend has been thinking about putting a gsx in his OZ lancer. him and i both think it is possible, and one of his friends (hes a mechanic(knows a shitload about imports) ) says it would work he says "if its made, it can be done" which i agree with. but, he was talking about it on a different car board and people are tryin to say hes stupid for sayin that. anyone that think/know that would work? i think it will, i just want other people ideas about it. thanks

posted by  mazda6man

It seems like I've said this in here a million times. Anything is possible but.... I'll start by assuming you mean the engine, not the entire GSX. The first thing I would do is measure the engine/transaxle length. When you do that I think you'll find there just isn't enough room between the strut towers to make it fit side to side. I'm pretty sure it's also to big fore and aft. If that in fact is the case you're looking at a massive amount of fabrication just to make it fit.

If you get beyond that it still won't be plug and play like an Integra VTEC into a Civic. Most of the wiring should be reusable depending on the year of the donor cars. Of course you'll need the PCM from the GSX. And the radiator. And custom fabbed shift linkage, mounts and axles to name a few. Sounds pretty easy, right. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

yeah, i ment engine, thanks

posted by  mazda6man

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