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Hi, Im considering buying a new 05 eclipse next year, I dont know how good it is, the website doesnt really offer much detail about its specs. Im gonna get the basic version, manual. No fancy stuff like more hp :P that will come later :thumbs: .

Anyways could you plz give me some insite into how the car is, regarding power, durability, safety, and shear coolness :)


posted by  101001

Engine Type: I4
Engine Block: Cast Iron
Cylinder Head: Aluminum
Displacement (liters): 2.4
Horsepower @ rpm (SAE net): 147@ 5500
Torque (lb-ft @ rpm): 158@ 4000
Redline (rpm): 6000
Bore and Stroke (mm): 86.5 x 100.00
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Valvetrain: SOHC 16-Valve
Multi-Port Fuel Injection
Front-Wheel Drive
Alternator: 90 Amps

This is your basic, GS model of the 2005 eclipse. It is an I4 instead of the V6 in the GT and the GTS model. So, this means a single turbo would be better than a twin the could be put into the more "high performance" models. If you get tempted to take the craptronic tranny option, just slap youself and get the manual.

posted by  s13_Drifter

in my personal opinion, id say, dont get a new eclipse... get a older gsx... like a 95, with the non "thong" rear bumper... turbo AWD is a good way to go... mmmm 4g63 sounds tasty

posted by  mazda6man

what he said my '96 is the best of the best for eclipses and if you stay with the stock ground effects you get poor innocent people who think you have an rs. plus a 96 gsx is cheaper and is has more horse power stock than the '05 gts (which has a v-6) plus personaly i think the older body style is better looking.

posted by  nektratta

once again I agree with nektratta

I personally dont like the body style of the new eclipse.... If I had some extra money to spend on another car I would def pick up a 97 gsx (my favorite year just cuz of stupid little change on the rear... hahaha)

then again I would also like to own a supra... hahaha cuz we all know why! :hi:

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

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