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Hey, I just got an s14, now I have some minor plans for it already, for example, manifold, fuels rails, stuff like that, now I'm not really sure what I should do, long term wise. I want to eventually put the Sr20 into it, but i've been hearing a lot about the Ka24 being a really nice motor when turbocharged, any opinons, information or things of that matter would really be appriciated.

posted by  s13_Drifter

... nice, s14, my favorite year... il assume its a zenki s14... i dont think they made the kouki s14 in america... but anyways... id say go sr20... its more "JDM TIGHT YO!" ... you tryin to go "drift mode"? cuz if so, id say work on your suspension more than anything... you can do some pretty nicethings in an underpowered stiff ride compared to a highER powered soft ride. plus its nice to have a well handleing car...im thinking coils, shocks, urithane bushings, strut towerbars, camber kits, etc... then worry about your motor... make sure you like the feel of your car before you go and haul in it... not to mention, upgrade those brakes, pads, calipers, disks (slotted... yum...) that way you can stop WHEN you NEED to... haha, but yeah play it smart, dont jump to something that you, or the car wont be ready for, make sure shes a good handle first


posted by  mazda6man

yes they used to sell kouki s14 in usa , i know i owe one :)

posted by  lelek

Listen...I didnt get in on the SR20DET vs. KA24DE battle so let me give you my lil idea here..

The KA24DE is a strong motor and it's the one you have right now. Lets say you were to make a custom turbo kit...which you can get one pieced together for around 1600 bux. Now...you can install it or get someone to install it (hopefully someone who knows what they are doing and wont rip your balls off on the price.) Now for 1600 bux...you are asking what kind of HP am I getting...well at decent boost like 6 psi...you'd get around 240rwhp...roughly more HP than the 350Z and you're car is lighter too...now I am not saying you can go out and spank one...cuz you have to remember gearing and other factors...but the car will definitely not be starved for power anymore. TWO of my buddies here in town did this kind of setup and now one of them is running around 10 psi and he's putting down like 280rwhp...which is nice. Gotta understand that the KA is a strong motor and will put up w/alot provided it is in GOOD condition.

Now...the SR20DET is a fine motor...problem is you MUST get it checked out b4 you buy it...get the compression test and have it throughly checked out by someone who knows SR's or motors in general. Get one w/the harness UNCUT...if you can. The hardest part w/the SR's is the wiring and getting things to work electrically. Now figure you spend around 2k for a good motor and about 1k for the install...that's 3g's already and you are only at around 200-220HP (that's what the redtop and blacktop are rated at)...and that's not at the wheels...gotta remember drivetrain loss too.

So it's up to you...

I say...keep the KA...I used to own a 95 240SX SE Blue Emerald...I loved that car...

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v513/NISSANSPDR/Sold%20240SX%20Pics/Bay.j pg

posted by  NISSANSPDR

the bigest problem with sr is to find a nice one , most of sr's from japan are abused , been sitting for long time and unknown milage ( why everybody who sells engines always puts 30000 to 40000 k miles ,its very hard to belive that 10-12 years old car only had 30000 miles ,thats only 3k miles per year , they don't know that for sure)

posted by  lelek

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