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Yo everyone can someone give me a couple thoughts of what the best thing i can put in my car to increase the horsepower? I konw everyone here is the best this is why i come here. Thanks

posted by  Crazyjim

LS? probably

my opinions would be the "best thing", but theyd be darn good.

get a Vtec head and ecu... throw that on and there are some quick ponies... just dont miss any gears... haha, bad news

also, one thing i like, instead of the usual intake manifold... go with ITB... very sexy...

just ask more indepth questions and il try and answer, its hard to answer brad questions without knowing what you really want

posted by  mazda6man

ok right now im thinking of jus doin some basic work
cool air intake
exaust system
and one of those tornado things
i dont really konw what else i can get of a reasonable amount of money?

thanks mazda

posted by  Crazyjim

Yea me and my friend started building up his '96 LS Integra ATX :banghead: we were gonna do the 5spd swap but we realized it just costs too damn much. Right now we have a CAI(not sure what kind), and strut bars. I'd advise you to get the CAI first just because it makes the car sound nice, even on the stock muffler. And then maybe some headers, exaust system etc. We're just trying to go with the basic bolt ons since we dont have much automotive experience(we're only 16). BTW is yours a Manual?

Good Luck

posted by  KhanArtisT

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