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I know I am gonna get laughed at, but before you do I will explain myself. I am looking for help in finding any body kits for a 87 Honda Accord LXi 4dr. I know its not the best car to build into a show vehicle, but I llike having something completely different than everyone else. It is a still a strong running car despite age and mileage. If you are wondering, the stock motor has 270,000 miles and will still outrun most of the stock civics here in middle GA. I have had the tranny rebuilt recently and I am planning on getting the engine cleaned up( new gaskets all the way around, timing belt, etc.) If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

posted by  ciccmga

If thats your car then be proud man,its all about how you feel check out apc website or streetwingz site maybe they can help, good luck.

posted by  dmills27ny

No body kits for 87 hondas bud.. you may be able to modify a Hatchback kit to fit it, but other than that. There are no specifically made kits for 87's. Or not that I know of. Check out for some of the best deals on body kits arround. If you're serious about making some serious power, might I suggets an Engine swap? Slightly faster B series?

posted by  DSMer

Problem is there is no direct or easy swap for the 3rd generation (86-89) Accord. With my 4th gen you have a lot of options... 5th gen or 6th gen f22a(b)/f23a, 1st or 2nd gen h22 or h23, SiR F20b/F22b etc.. those are all mostly direct swaps or not that difficult into any accord in the 4th-6th generation. The 3rd generation gets left out badly. They came stock with the carb'ed or Fuel Injected 12v A18/A20 (in his case, the 110hp/114tq A20a3 Fuel Injected). Yeah, already you can tell it had no guts. Only thing that kept it moving was it being extremely lightweight (kind of like grown-up CRX). Now, he could swap in a f22a or f22b probably for the least amount of money (still requires a lot of retrofitting). The F22a6 and F22b1 both aren't too difficult to find are among the most powerful F22 series engines. The SOHC 16v F22a6 came in the 4th gen (90-93) SE Accord and had 140hp and 142tq. The DOHC 16v f22b1 came in the 5th (94-97) gen EX Accord and had 145hp and 147tq. Both of those could be found for next to nothing but the real price comes into play when trying to get it to fit. Now I've personally never seen a 3rd gen WITHOUT an A20 or A18, but it's possible to swap it out, just difficult.

posted by  thunderbird1100

? Kaminari had a kit, Xenon had a kit, Erebuni/Wings West had a kit... Erebuni is having a clearance sale on their '86-89 Accord kits... $400

The kaminari kit is available here:

I've installed this kit on an Accord (while it may be something "differnt" now, back in the late '80s, early '90s, it was one of the more popular custom car bases...). the Kaminari stuff isn't cheap knock off parts, and actually fits.

The Xenon urethane kit is available from the same place (just check the sidebar there) and also fits excellent. pg pg

Of course, for a full custom look, you could just get some parts for a later Accord and mod to fit.

But as a hint, to make it more well recieved, keep it tasteful. Veilside style "combat" kits are overdone and tacky, and won't age well. Maybe add teh fiberglass fender flares to one of the kits above over wider wheels, and a molded in lip spoiler to the decklid instead of a stand off wing. This would make it kind of VIP style, tasteful, and really stand out at a show for being a clean custom.

posted by  ChrisV

Thanks for the sites Chris. This will help out tremendously. Engine swap sounds nice too. What would be the best and easiest for dressing up for show? HP not really a big issue. That's what my eclipse is for. :hi:

posted by  ciccmga

Completly my fault. I initially read 87 Honda Civic(wich seemed kinda funny) but on further not I see that you said 87 Honda Accord. I thought somone would have caught it by me saying "hatchback kits" or "B-Series" swaps.

The better choice for any accord will be the H22A(engine in the JDM Accords). I am not certain it is a direct bolt up for your 3rd gen, but there is lots of info available and possibly swap kits at Check arround for 3rd Gen Accord swap.

posted by  DSMer

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