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What is the best way for me to go money wise for my situation
i got a 96 honda accord with a 4 cyl 5speed man trans
about 110 HP(disappointly low)

bascially want to make it faster but from what i understand replacing the engine would just cost way too much money

any ideas?


posted by  andrewsayles

From what I gather you have the F22b2 engine which is actually 130hp and 139tq (Assuming you have a DX or LX). The F series does offer many aftermarket options (can get anything), it's just not the BEST engine to mod. You want the best base to start out with get a H22a for $2k. If you dont have that kind of money, you could always throw a nitrous kit on it for about $500 (50 shot would be fine). It's always best to start with the basics... Intake/Header/Exhaust and go from there.

posted by  thunderbird1100

ok thanks fr\or those ideas. Where could i get a H22 engine like you described? and also if i got these aftermarket parts and put them on my current engine can i remove them later if i get a new engine and install them on that? Thanks agian


posted by  andrewsayles

Yes you could. :thumbs:

posted by  abless

only problem with a swap like that is that youre going from F series to H series... lots of stuff to be swapped...

posted by  mazda6man

Not really, It's considered as much as bolt in engine like a SR20De is into a KA24De 240sx. Very simple and straight-forward swap.

posted by  thunderbird1100 will steer you in the right direction for a h22a. Usually the going rate is $2000-$2200.

Some engine parts you can, some you cant. HEader? Probably not. Intake, possibly with modification. Exhaust, Pretty sure it's close to not even need modification.

posted by  thunderbird1100

while on the subject i got a 95 accord LX 4 cyl, very much like yours, however i have a automatic tranny. is there a way to swap the tranny so i can get a manual in there? I understand the early 90's accords either came in 4 speed auto or 5 speed manual

and from what you are saying, if you do swap for a h22a you wont be able to get an exhaust for it? if so is it worth it to do the engine swap when u can just keep the f series and put on the intake exhaust and headers for starters?

posted by  Stem

Dont touch a nitrous canister untill ur pistons and cams can handle that sort of power.....For around 300$ u can get a long ram cold air intake (AEM)that adds anywhere from 8-20hp....or u can go for a 120$ short ram intake that adds 4-8hp.......U can get full catback exhaust $400-500...$300 DC headers(may void passing emmisions tests)...and send ur ECU in to JET Performance for about $200 dollars and get around 20 extra hp.

posted by  civisi99

There is'nt an intake on earth that adds 20hp

posted by  desertsoldier22

my bad...up to 15 i was reading wrong thing on site.......and its not completely common to get that much hp.....theres cases of it tho...and its not 15 to the wheels either

posted by  civisi99

On the K20A2 RSX-S several Cold airs ADD 14-19 FWHP (which the upper end of that is over 20 crank hp added). Honda Tuning did a test of all the cold airs and short rams for them about two years ago.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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