1988 RX7 vs 1988 Supra

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Which in your guy's opinion would be the better buy? I'm gonna be buying a car soon and i'm having trouble deciding.....thanks.

posted by  hitmanx

rx7, gatta love the wankle

posted by  mazda6man

the rx7 is a lighter and faster car, although rotaries tend to run hotter than regular engines that could be fixed with an oil cooler and maybe a larger radiator and intercooler dependong on wether its a turbo or n/a rx7

posted by  Arthur

well it depends if the supra or the rx 7 was turbo but im ganna go with the supra.

posted by  S2000Boy

The FC3S (RX-7) is lighter and handles much better. Also, there is more aftermarket support for the FC. The only bad thing is repair costs. Rotaries are not engines you can just take to anyone. I believe you would be much happier overall with the FC simply because it is the better car. I am currently looking into one as my second car and I find it has very good owner loyalty, indicative of a well-made and fun car. My two cents.

posted by  iamane30m20nut

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