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I have a stock 1990 Honda Civic DX, but the speakers are shitty so I am going to replace them. Luckily, my dad is giving me his old speakers and radio he had in his old Hyundai. it's a nice 120 watt system, with two 6" and two 9" speakers. The radio is nice because it has a removable face plate. However, I know nothing about wiring or installing stereos. But I'd rather not have to pay a guy just to install a radio and speakers. So, any suggestions? books/literature/websites of info for installing radio and speakers in cars? any help is appreciated. :thumbs:

posted by  VertigoPills

Its not hard at all to install speakers its the CD player that is hard, when i installed my Pioneer DEH-3600(with removeable face plate) it was a little hard trying to figure out what wires went where, as far as speakers we just replaced all those wires with new ones, but if you use stock wiring it shuoldnt be hard at all except in my car the back deck had to be cut to fit the rear speakers in and took apart my door to fit the fronts...both the front and back were modified but back to the subject speakers are relativly easy the CD player mayy pose a problem...if you havnt installed it yet or found anything ill try to find a site or something to help you..

posted by  Ghettoprotege

actually its pretty easy.. it took me about a month to figure it but thats after i found out the wires were under the carpet lol!!

posted by  EzMustang

hahahaha!!...ill bet you felt smart...

posted by  Ghettoprotege

Hmm... you had to cut the back deck to fit the speakers in... Well problem being is that you obviously did'nt have any idea as to what you were doing. Speakers come in sizes for reasons; as do shoes, shirts, pants, and hats. I suppose if you buy a hat to small you'll just cut off parts of your head and brain that you don't use.

Anyways. I have just recently done an entire system install on a 4rth Gen Accord. The 6" speakers will not fit into the front speaker mounts without modification. I don't know how you have got two 9" inch speakers, unless you are referring to 6x9's or you have two 9" subwoofers. I'm not going to assume, you need to come up with better specs in order to get better help. Your rear speakers are 6x9's and your front speaksers are 4". Wiring the head unit is self explanitory, provided you go to streetwires and look up the wiring diagram for your car.

There are only these cords on your aftermarket wiring harness. They will be marked in tiny silver lettering.

Left Front + (White)
Left Front - (White/Black)
Right Front + (Grey)
Right Front- (Grey/ Black)
Left Rear + (Green)
Left Rear - (Green/Black)
Right Rear + (Purple)
Right Rear - (Purple Black)
Power Antenna (Blue)
Ground (Black)
Battery (Yellow)
Acc./Ignition (Red)
PreAmp Outputs(Optional)

Match those up with the corresponding wires on your car and its just as easy as that(Provided you know how to connect two wires). Check at for furhter information regaurding car electronics

posted by  DSMer

lol yeah i felt pretty stupid once i realized it.. but one wire was missing the power wire so i had to run a wire straight to the battery
and dsmer most cars you can take the back panel off and cut it to fit other speakers or you can just take it off and get a piece of plywood like my friend did and shape it to fit and cut the speaker sizes you need

posted by  EzMustang

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