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Hi all, My name is Lew and i'm in need of your help. Last night my car was stolen. Its a 2000 civic si (i hope the pic loads). If you happen to see it would you please call the cops. It was stolen in South Carolina so it could be anywhere. Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated. thank you

posted by  lew88

Shame about your car, hope you get it back. Btw Nice looking car

posted by  57ock wonder it was stolen...thats a very nice car I live in tennessee but ill keep a look out anyways b/c ive known for cars to go cross country..hope you get it back..

posted by  Ghettoprotege

Nice Honda! I will keep a look for it in Georgia. I travel all day so my eyes will be open

posted by  ciccmga

damn i would have stolen it to.. lol nah i live in north carolina but hell ill look

posted by  EzMustang

Damn! I just built a model of a Civic Si.. nice car! Ill look here in Texas... but sorry!

posted by  StiMan

Why do petty thieves steal cheap ass Hondas? Even if you could chop that bad boy for more parts online than it would be worth at the local chop shop. If I'm going to risk going down for grand theft auto, you had better beleive I'll be in someones $100,000 luxery sedan.

posted by  DSMer

thanks everyone, i appreciate it

posted by  lew88

ill keep an eye out for it in carlotte nc

posted by  nektratta

If I were you, I'd give up looking for that car. Whomever stole it probably had that thing chopped and parted. If not I can only conclude that the criminals were as careless with their thievery as you were with your security.

posted by  DSMer

because $100,000 vehicles are much more less common and can be easily identified... and if you steal a car worth that much.. you can bet your whole life that the owner is rich obviously and will probably get your ass in an instant.. now a civic on the other hand.. its very common and who ever owns a civic probably cant afford a high tech security system or a thousand detectives to find your ass! :screwy:

as for the thread starter... i hope you have good insurance.. file a police report which im hoping you already have and say hello to your new car! :thumbs:

posted by  Ki2AY

If I were exceedingly wealthy and somone stole my 760, I'd just buy another one. Theres no point in hassling over nickles n dimes why you got dollar bills to worry about. However a person who works hard for their car is going to want it back, and do anything to get it. So it could fly both ways with a rich or moderatley expensive car. Also finding a $100,000 vehicle is not hard at all. I'd have to say I'd look twice at that bright ass blue fart can, than I would at someone driving a 760.

posted by  DSMer

You didn't have Lojack by any chance? Anyone with a nice ride should protect it with any means possible!

posted by  Trader4Less

YEP, found it. The guy was in columbia S.C. about an hour away. The guy was sittin in it at a appartment complex and the cops pulled up behind him and ran the plates and they didn't match up. I guess he tossed my louisanna plates and put on Georgia plates. He was cought read handed, i guess he made up some kinda bill of sale and tried to show the cop, but that didn't fly. My brother drove up there and ID'd the guy so he's heading for jail. I got my car put on a rollback and sent to my house, which the city paid for. Its got a busted rim, dent in the door, the SI emblem removed and a crack in the hood, small stuff that is easy to fix. I got lucky!!!!!!. Thanks again for everyones support!!!!!!a story with a good ending finially!!!!!!! OH, i forgot the best part. I had some stickers in the glove box (KONI, Eibach) well now there on the car. F**KIN RICERS!!!!!!!!

posted by  lew88

IM really glad you got your car back..yeah you are VERy your car deserves a nice washing and waxing and show it how much you love it...

posted by  Ghettoprotege

CONGRATS! :clap: :clap:

posted by  StiMan

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