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hi, im from syd australia, just wondering wat u guys will think will give a better performance?

ive been lookin at 180 for about d past 8 months, and ive seen quiet a few, so i kno alot about dem. but over d past few weeks ive had urgers to get an r32, i kno r32 give of a better performance stock, but i think u would find dem to be a tad more expencive...

btw im talkin bout r32 gtst..so yea..just wonderin wats u guys opions is on dis

posted by  kangz

betr performance? im thinin r32

posted by  mazda6man

Hey i'm aus as well, brisbane. I was looking at buying 180sx but now i have desided to get a R32 GT-R insted :mrgreen: . I know its not the same but i still rekcon the gtst is still a good car. If your looking for a car to drift i say go with the 180 :thumbs: good engine and a nicely balanced.

posted by  GreekWarrior

depends what you want. if you want cheap performance go for the gts r32. as GreekWarrior said, get 180sx if you want to drift. i live in australia too melbourne. im looking to get a 200sx or gtr r32.

posted by  chichi

yea its all about what you want to do with the car overall the r32 is a better idea though better handling

posted by  nektratta

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