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A hello to all. i'm dave or davebob. And I got alittle problem that hopefully someone call steer me to the solution. I'm borrowing a 1985 honda accord from a family member while I rebuild the top end of my toyota 4by4. It's got a three barrel carb. When I go to start it, the chock does not activate, and even trying to hold a steady high rpm it just dies unless I pump it like mad. I'll keep this up for a couple of minutes and if I try to drive it, it's the same unless I keep it above 3000. Now if I let sit for a few minutes turned off, it seems to run fine for about three miles, then it does it's thing again. while under the car awhile back i noticed a plastic air canister(w/foam rubber) with a hose leading up to the air cleaner. It was split apart alittle bit where it looked like it should be together. I don't know if that has something to do with it or not. HELP! p.s. thank you for baring with me, i'm new at this.

posted by  davebob

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