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does anyone know the width of the exhaust pipes in the 95 integra and if i need to get a whole exhaust sys or jus a muffler?

posted by  Crazyjim

a whole exhaust system is most always better than just a muffler... infact i think it IS always better

posted by  mazda6man

i konw its better but i really wanted to know a general hp difference? and if someone aslo konws the stock width of the integra's exhaust that would be helpful as weel.

posted by  Crazyjim

Look at it this way. What mufflers lack in hp numbers, they make up in decibals... and that's about all. Buy a complete exhaust system. The restrictions lie in the stock exhaust back-piping, anyway.

posted by  Patrick

New Muffler - maybe 2-3 hp max.
New Exhaust system - maybe 7-10hp max.

Again those numbers are just for your car.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I think everyone has jumped the gun on this question. Giving you answers and you didn't even ask a question. What is it you are trying to gain?

posted by  DodgeRida67

im trying to find the best way to get my 95 integra ls fast and have a nice amount of hp....

posted by  Crazyjim

lets just say its gunna take more than a muffler to make an ls fast... unless its ls VTEC... mufflers dont do a whole lot at all.. just noise. plus, hondas NEED back pressure... hook up the motor, and leve the exhaust stock... (JDM TITE YO!)

posted by  mazda6man

I also have a 95 integra. I checked a chilton manual that i have, and the best I can tell the stock width is 1.32 in. I also wanted to add a fair amount of horsepower to my integra. A friend was telling me to do the headers, intake, exhaust, cat converter, etc. I just don't remember exactly what he said to get and I can't tell which ones (brand/model etc) are the best to get for my car. does anyone have any suggestions as to what to buy and/or where to look for these things?

posted by  mistertrip

Someone came to the mechanic/cutom shop that i do (extra work )in wanting the same thing.Only difference was his was a 1998 gsr. The peak hp was 158 and 117 tq (stock).I helped the real mechanics install Dc 4-2-1 header which gave it and extra 5 hp or so. Next we installed a AEM cold air intake.Last we installed a DC SPORTS exhaust.Which are the three basic bolt ons'.A day later another employe took it to the dyno down the street and got like 167-1700 hp. Which is a great addition that can be made in a day.( a total of 8 hp and 7 tq.)

The aem intake was like 300$ and the header was about 350$ And the exhaust was aruond 450$ Which can be cheaper with the "off brands"

:oops: Maybe when i turn 18 they will give me a real job.LOL :laughing:

Hope i was some kind of help

posted by  redlineracer

thanks. i was also wondering whether it would help to replace the catalitic converter and/or midpipe. and if so, how much would it help? also, is there anything else that would help me increas hp/tq? and is there any website that anyone here has used before with good results where i can get these parts at a reasonable price or do you know of any shops in the phoenix, arizona area that I could goto?

posted by  mistertrip

A good place to order from is and use thier e-cat system they have almost all tuner cars.Also a good thing to do is order a free summit sport compact catalog from

For even more power add a turbo and a intercooler(if you got big bucks or a loaded savings account LOL)With a sweat sounding blow off valve :driving: :rock: :guns:

posted by  redlineracer

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