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I have a 4g63 motor from a 98 eclipse. I am would like to know how difficult it would be to do a swap with a 95 eclipse w/ a 420a non turbo. I would also like to know how much I could get out of the motor, tranny, turbo (with all of the necessary equipment), performance computer if it turned out that the motor swap was more than I have time to get into right now. The motor is a fresh rebuild within the last couple months.

posted by  seufer

It's gonna be a pain in the ass to do it yourself. Sell the motor and just get a turbo kit for your 420a and it might be cheaper just to get the turbo kit. As for how much you'd get for the 4g63, I'm not really sure. Maybe around 2 grand?

posted by  Anbuhero

Ughh, read the post again. He ask nothing about doing it himself(since solo motorswaps are incredibly hard), nor does he ask anything about how much a 4G63 cost.

Now for further assistance. Is the motor a 4G63 N/A or 4G63T. I know you did'nt add T but I rarely do and its assumed the motor is turbo. Also if its not a turbo motor don't bother swapping. As with any swap, its always going to be hard, and if you have to ask how hard it will be; I don't think you're up to it. Putting the motor phsyically in is'nt the "hard" part. Its just tedious. Electronics, re-wiring, and installation of all the turbo nessesities will be annoying. I don't know your level of experience, or what you're capable of, but it sounds like you should just leave the motor be.

Stock 4G63T are about 190-210HP/ 4G63 are about 110HP.

posted by  DSMer

okay my bad, I thought when he asked "how difficult" I assumed he was gonna do it himself, cuz when you wanna have someone else do it , you usually ask "how much".

posted by  Anbuhero

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