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I'm getting deployed to Afghanistan, meaning when I get home in a year I'm going to have a lot of cash stocked up. While I'm gone, I was thinking of getting some work done to my car but I really don't know what to do. I don't know what color(s) to paint it, go candy or chameleon, hood scoops, rim type and size, interior, and anything else. I'm sorta new at all this and any suggestions that I could get would be much appreciated, I just need some help getting my baby rolling. It's a '94 and I was also thinking of converting it to a T-Top, tell me what you think.

posted by  davekarn

I suggest you look around and see what you like. You’ll be surprised at how what you like will jump out at you when you see it. Think about it, why do you want to customize your car? Probably to have it stand out from the crowd. So, be a trend setter, build it up the way you dream about it at night, and as corny as it may sound you’ll love what you end up with.

By the way that’s my wife’s dream car.

posted by  corbett_auto

What do you want to do with your car? Show or go? Rice or nice?

posted by  abless

nice and for show

posted by  davekarn

check out

post the question there... I know some member from that board that have show cars and they can give you some pointers...


posted by  SunDown13X VR4

3000GT is a great car! I am sorry that you are being deployed, but thank you for serving our country!

Related to thread: do what you want to do... look to see what you like and go from there...!

posted by  StiMan

If it's not a vr-4, make it into one! Twin Turbo and AWD would be the first things on my list. I've heard a few upgrades can get you into the 400hp range, then again, I've heard lots of things, but a stock 3.0 twin turbo puts out 300-320hp stock.

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

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