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I wanted to get some expert opoions on what car i should buy. I'm looking at rebuilding an import for fun and i want to get the most power out of the car that i can. i plan on doing an engine swap and other various items to upgrade the car. just let me know what you guys think. :banghead:

posted by  x6against7

Oh is'nt that sweet? Ladies n gentleman gather round while I point out Exhibit A. How NOT to post. This person gives no direction as to what car brand he wants to go with. Just says import and motor swaps. Hmm... well seeing as that there are over 50 brands of cars that are "imported" into the U.S. I'll let you have the joy of filtering through wichever one you want then you can tell us. Then MAYBE just MAYBE we can help you.....

posted by  DSMer

Right, what do you want the car for? You say fun but what do you mean, drift, drag, circuit or just for cruising?????? there's like 1000's of cars you could do an engine swap with. Be more specific.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Well, you did leave yourself open for comments like that. Regardless of what others say find a car that’s right for you. You’ll know it when you see it. If you are planning on going as far as swapping out engines and doing major work it really doesn’t matter what you get. You’ll end up with something different anyways. The main question I have is this: are you looking for Show or Go? And how much $ you looking to drop?


posted by  corbett_auto

:D oh boy... flame away boys... :D

posted by  SunDown13X VR4


You need to be specific and tell us what you are looking for before we can try to attempt to help you...

posted by  StiMan

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