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I have an '87 Civic Hatchback, not really sure which model... its a 3 door hatchback, not fuel injected. Anyways. It needs a new battery and a catalytic converter. My question is pretty simple...

Will this catalytic converter work fine as a replacement?
http://store.summitracing.com/default.asp?target=eProduct.asp&N=120+4294923 429+4294921547+303153&Nao=20

I know that seems REALLY pricey, but I know I can get it for much much less. Anyways... sorry about such a vague question with such little knowledge, I'm a big time newbie to cars, but I'm gonna get into it because I love building computers and such... thanks!

posted by  elfboy22

Well, depending on your ammount of mechanical experience(wich seems to be little or none at all if you're asking questions like these) it will fit. The pipes may be the same size or one may be smaller or bigger than the other. If you have the right tools, yes they will fit.

posted by  DSMer

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