2005 Camry LE vs. Altima 2.5 S (Extra)

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Hi all,

I'm new to this site so bear with me.

I'm buying/leasing a new car in a month or so. As I am now a daddy, I need a bigger car and one that's also not too gas thirsty. I've narrowed it down to the Camry and the Altima base models.The Altima 'Extra' package is a $1000 in free upgrades (including alloy wheels, audio controls on steering wheel, etc.)

I eliminated the Mazda 6 as its too small, and the Accord DX because it doesn't have alot of the same features as the Camry and Altima (ie. heated, power mirrors, steering wheel audio controls, etc.)

They both drive very nicely and are solid cars. I found that the Camry seemed to have more trunk space and this was confirmed by Consumer Reports. But I like the extra features in the Altima, but it does not have ABS standard (extra $800 CDN). That is slightly offset by the lower lease rate of the Altima (4.9%) as opposed to the Camry (5.9%). The cost to me then is ultimately similar if I went with the ABS on the Altima.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has either of these cars. Most likely there won't be too many who have the 05's just yet, so I'd appreciate hearing from any of you with used versions as well.

As I'm in Canada, I'd particularly like to hear from those of you who have to drive in winter conditions and how these cars handle those slick, icy, roads!

Any and all comments appreciated!


posted by  gojays_1

42 of you have read this post but not a single response? :banghead:

I'm curious as to why? Does no one have any thoughts either way? Is my post too long and boring? Or is this board more for older models and/or repair/maintenance issues?

posted by  gojays_1

well my sister has the 04 altima,she only has had it for about 2 months now i think,and it runs smoothly,shocks are good barely feel any bumps on the road,and has some nice juice under the hood,she has the 2.5lit. i went with her to peep the camry and we both agreed the altima was more of a car.

posted by  Rdiaz

i went with her to peep the camry and we both agreed the altima was more of a car.[/QUOTE]

When you say 'more of a car' what exactly do you mean? Do you mean the way the car handles or the way it looks?

I'm leaning more toward the Camry because it has more standard features like ABS and EBD even though its been referred to as 'an old man's car' by some of my friends and family. I guess the Camry is boring but for similar price it's hard to beat.
My wife prefers the look of the Altima as well.

I felt the Altima 2.5 S was fairly loud when I revved it up on the highway. I really pushed it and it sure gave er! But as I said it sounded pretty loud.

I'm still leaning towards the Camry though. Might make an offer this week. Any one know how much I might be able to knock off the price? I'm shooting for 2 grand. Is this possible?

Any thoughts appreciated. :thumbs:

posted by  gojays_1

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