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I'm new to Car forums and have 2 questions about my civic. They both involve the anti-theft device on the radio.
1) After changing the battery a year ago, the radio was disabled because of the lost of electricity. It requires a 5 digit code to reactivate. I bought the car used and have no idea what that code is. Is there a way to bypass this or a way to find out what the code for my car is?
2) Just this past week I began to notice a loud clicking noise (5 or 6 rapid clicks then stopping) it would occur whether i was at idle or driving, and occured at random freuquencies. It did not sound like it was coming from the engine or wheels. On an off chance I turned on my radio. It wasn't working as mentioned above, showing on the "code" message. Oddly enough this silenced the clicking noise.
Any thoughts on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  Rigel

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