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decided to improve the Honda 1.6(1598 cc, to be precise) V-tech engine. it gives some 125 hp now, with the K&N filter, the predator muffler and without
it was originally 105hp.

i would like some more power, let's say some 40 hp more = 165hp.
after researching, since i do'nt want it to cost too much, and since i do'nt need the additional power all the time, i got to the conclusion that a nitrous system would suit me best.

what system would be suitable for the 2004 1.6 liter Vtech engine?
could anyone be specific with make, model and part number?
i usually place my orders with Summit, but i do'nt know if they
are the right source, in this case.
appriciate your answers

posted by  the frog

Dayum a brand new Civic.... I'd be afraid to fry that thing.

Since your engine is brand new and you probably don't have any strenghtened internals. I would go with the Nos Sport Compact Wet System. For the 1.6 V-tecs. Or just get a ZEX Honda 1.6 kit wet. Although you're only looking for a short ammount of power so dry may be a better option for you.

posted by  DSMer

for the price of nos you can get yourself a turbo which you wont have to pay to refill unlike nos bottles. if you go for a high boost get aftermarket pistons, rods, etc etc.

posted by  chichi

Hmm.. $650 Nitrous Oxide Kit vs $3200 GReddy Turbo Kit

This is why people need to stop being complete idiots, pull thier insignificant heads out of thier ass and THINK, TYPE, SUBMIT.

posted by  DSMer

Actually, a turbo is about 5 times as expensive, and decreases fuel economy. Not to mention strengthened internals as part of the $$$.

posted by  abless

Thank you for re-typing what I allready just said. I love nothing more than to be echoed by you. Thank you for your great deed.

posted by  DSMer

oh boy! 1.6 liters!

posted by  RicerHater

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