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What is the difference between wet and dry Nos setups? Is one mixed with the fuel and the other not? I'm not quite sure though, because I thought engines couldn't run on nos alone.

posted by  abless

I'm not exactly sure how NOS works, but my idea of it is: it is burned up with the air fuel mixture, releasing extra oxygen so the power stroke is hotter and faster... something like that. But yeah, pretty sure NOS is injected in with fuel/air mixture. never heard of wet/dry NOS kits... but oh well, I'm learning more everyday.

posted by  VertigoPills


Nitrous oxide is a gas, which when burned, turnes into oxygen. When you burn like 1 molecule of nitous, it breaks apart into 2 atoms of oxygen, or something around those lines. Just know that when it enters your cylinders, it turns into oxygen. It's like injecting oxygen right into your combustion chamber, just like a turbo or supercharger. More oxygen in the chamber = the need for more fuel in there too, to keep the fuel/air mixture right. If you don't add more gas along with the fuel, you'll be running it lean as hell, and lose performance. A turbo does the same thing, adds more fuel along with the extra compressed air. There is wet and dry nitrous. Wet makes more power. Dry nitrous comes out of a nozzle(as a gas) and is sucked into the throttle body along with the air. Between the throttle body and the manifold is a spacer plate with a fuel line going into it, which using contol solenoids adds more fuel to the mix at the same time the nitrous is being added at the air intake. Wet nitrous is a little different. The plate I talked about that goes between the throttle body and the intake manifold takes in fuel and nitrous right there in a wet nitrous system, if I recall correctly. You have solenoids to control the flow of nitrous and extra fuel, with an extra fuel line either comming from the fuel pump, or another dedicated fuel pump and lines put in, just to run the nitrous system. You have a switch to arm or disarm the system, and another switch to turn the nos on or off. This switch can be operated either manually or use an rpm sensor. Nos is only safe to be used at 3000rpm or above, IIRC. Depending on your engine, if it's stock I would use a 25hp or a 50hp jet setting. Depending on your engine, and it you don't care about it, you could force it with a 100hp setting, but on a stock 4 banger, that would be pretty hard on it. What kind of engine are you interested in nos for?

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

Nos is not combustable on it's own. It'd be like trying to run an engine on oxygen alone. If you let nos out of a can and try to burn it, it won't, it's like trying to burn air. It's not like on tv where you can run a nos line into your carb and all of the sudden have lots of power.

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

Thanks Dude! I had no idea how NOS worked... thanks!

posted by  StiMan

Not any one car/engine in particular, I was just curious about the differences between the two, which you anwsered very well. Thank you.

posted by  abless

Correction... this one bugs me. NOS is a company that specializes in Nitrogen Oxide,(NO2).... not what actualy gets injected into the engine, that is NO2 :banghead:

posted by  Voda48

Oh man... I always forget. :banghead:

posted by  abless

I find it funny that this thread was put in Asian Imports.

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Are you trying to infer something Mr. Mopar Man? Huh Doge, Huh!

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Yup. It's steriotypical or something...Nitrious...Ricers...Asian Imports. It should be in General Chat.

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Yea I just realized that. I usually am most active in the Asian Imports section, because there are more topics in it. A mod can move it to General Chat if they want.

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