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I have two questions…

1)I am planning to get a factory oz spoiler for my 2002 white lancer es. I found a place over here in san francisco where they offered me 340$ to have it ordered purchase install and paint. I didn’t take the offer, I searched around and came about this other place. They offered me 320$. My question is, is that a fair price to purchase a spoiler, to have it installed and painted? I looked around ebay and a painted factory oz spoiler cost around 120$. Non painted is around 70$. fyi- im not planning to buy off ebay.

2)I would like to know if there is an offcial mitsubishi website where they sell spoilers and parts I can look up in the net rather than going to a local dealer. If so please give me the link. Im thinking maybe it would be cheaper if I just buy it from mitsubishi itself and have it installed by them!? yes / no?

btw- i dont know how to install spoilers myself. so please dont tell me, to purchase the spoiler and do everything yourself and save money. thank you in advance!

posted by  Ki2AY

I Have A 2003 Lancer Es And Went To The Mitsubishi Dealership And Wanted A Evo Wing And They Said It Was 1300$. I Said Yall Gotta Be Kiddin . Then He Said Yah And 150 To Install It.. I Have Put On A Couple Wings And They Are Not That Hard. Plus On Ebay They Have A Couple Evo Wings For 250. They Are Not Real Carbon Fiber But A Fibergalss And Look Just I Would Go With Aftermarket Cuz Basically Your Just Paying For The Brand Name Not The Product..

posted by  eurotica03

haha, i have an oz spoiler on my corolla... got it for 30 bucks... find someone that has an aftermarket spoiler on their oz to sell their old stock spoiler... thats what i did (BTW, it fits really well on my rolla... just check the sig to see)

posted by  mazda6man

btw, installing spoilers isnt that hard... drill holes where the bolts of the spoiler will be, and screw on the nuts... only hard part is lining it up so that you dont have a cockeyed spoiler

posted by  mazda6man

Ughh, have you ever heard of search arround? Call n get quotes. Do some shopping. You had it right with the $340 and $320, keep going till you find one thats reputalble and in your budjet instead of trying to find every tightwadish way out of it. Sometimes it pays to pay...

posted by  DSMer

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