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I just got my first car, a 1997 Hyundai Accent and I have a few ?'s

1. When I look for intakes, they always say something like Injen intake "car name" but when I checked the Injen and AEM sites, they don't list specific car models, just different style intakes, can I get any intake and just custom bend it or whatever for my car?

2. I'm rolling up on 160K and I'd like to put in a new engine, I'm looking at the 2.0L from the Tiburon, what else would I need to get along with it to make it work.

Please don't rip on my car for being a Hyundai, while all you guys are talkin bout Skylines and shit. I just cannot afford that stuff, specially on my meager baggers salary :D

posted by  Tha_L_Train

1. I just spent almost five whole minutes checking both websites. They most certainly do list by specific application. Try looking again.

2. The engine, transaxle, PCM, mounts and CV axles come immediately to mind. The axles may have to be custom made. Also the complete wiring harness from the PCM forward would probably be helpful.

posted by  vwhobo

Holy cow, I must be blind, I didn't even look at the applications tab before, sorry.

How bout the tranny, would I need a new one for the more powerful engine?

Thanks for your help.

posted by  Tha_L_Train

Uh, yeah. I think the transaxle was on my shopping list.

posted by  vwhobo

That's it. I'm done talking for now, before I make a bigger idiot out of myself...

posted by  Tha_L_Train

This year at Jamboree, I'll take a video of a Accent that runs 10's :)

posted by  57ock

Uh, yeah. I think the transaxle was on my shopping list.[/quote]

i'd say so to, you read my mind dude.

posted by  S2000Boy

Thank you so much for agreeing with me. You've made my entire day worth living.

posted by  vwhobo

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