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I'm new to this Board, but anyways I just got my liscense coulpe of months ago and my dad handed me the keys to his 96' mx-6 (bitchin). I just did a $200 repair on it the other day (new spark plugs, oil change, new battery, etc.) which got me to thinking maybe I could trade it in for something better rather than waste money fixing it up. Currently my Mx-6 has 85,00 miles on it, but the paint's coming off, and I'll probably have to replace the altenator and replacing the altenator on a mx-6 isn't easy because I'd have to take out the entire engine.

But anyways what do you guys think? Keep it and fix it up, or trade it in for something else.

posted by  Menace2Society

Only you can answer the question as to whether or not you should keep it or trade it in. You are the only one who knows what it's worth to you and what you want.

As for the statement that you have to pull the engine to replace the alternator, well that is simply ludicrous. You're talking about a job that takes about an hour on a bad day. Please do not spew misinformation.

posted by  vwhobo

mods are the way to go man, if you like the car keep it, if you dont sell it or trade it.

posted by  S2000Boy

I've got a 95 Mazda MX-6 and Im looking at adding lots of Mods. If you decide to keep it, lets chat. Maybe we can trade ideas that we find for cranking out some extra horse power. I love my ride and its very dependable. I just want it to move better!


95 Mazda Mx-6 LS V6

posted by  retsam

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