I cant find anything for my Mitsubishi 2000gtx.

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It is not my car, not yet at least. Im pretty sure my dad will be giving this car to me eventually. I am the only one that drives it but its still "his". Its good that way i pay less on insurance up here in canada.


It is a Mitsubishi Eagle 2000 Gtx. ITS a 1992.
THe problem with this beast is that ... its got different names, its regestered under something else. a Dodge 2000gtx. But mine on the back of the car says EAGLE 2000 gtx, and mitsubishi. SO i have the for sure Mitsubishi, however there are dodge versions.

Its not the most ATTRACTIVE to me right now and i was wondering if you guys new where to find body kits and other fancy cosmetic upgrades for it.
Im wondering if the 92 galant parts work for it. It is so insane to get stuff for it. Take the system i put in it for example. I HAD to hardwire the deck... meh.. easy but time consuming.

ALL HELP is totally appreciated. I can post a picture if you like as well.



posted by  Ztron

Here she is: :sleep:

posted by  Ztron

Due to lacking of replies, i tried doing MORE research. I didnt think i could find anything else but i came up with some new stuff. I Checked the interior pictures too the galants and they look just like the interior to my car. Gauges, power button... im wondering if they just call the GALANT a 2000gtx in canada.... anyone know if this is true?



posted by  Ztron

I believe that fact is right... my proof:

1992 Mitzu Galant
The resemblance is obvious..

posted by  StiMan

So does anyone know where i can find body kits or accessories for this car?



posted by  Ztron

I have a 1992 myself. good reliable car with over 300 000 on it but not anything I would invest money in performance or looks on. I have never seen one skirted out.

posted by  rayo

Please... not another kitted out four door. If you must do something, throw some lower springs on it, get some decent looking plus-sized wheels and tint the windows.

I'm thinking that the motor in that car is a 4G63, which is the same motor that is in the Eclipse/Talon/Laser. There is a larger aftermarket following for this motor, and you should be able to make some good power with it (an engine picture would make/break my theory).

posted by  Bino

in VR4 form they came with an intercooled turbo...





posted by  ChrisV

Hey Dude,
I know everything and every model made of these babies, Right down to their central locking LOL, so hey hit me up and I can get you sorted with all the Japanese JDM parts, + I can send you my body kit I don't want it as I was going to go complete JDM.....1st lets clear up the Dodge part, All it is a US spec Galant just that Dodge bought into Canada and badged them as their own. I own a GALANT SS LUX Limited edition, but converting to AMG 4g63 Limited Engine from Japan I have owned him since 1990 and he's been with me forever, its like a brother to me. My email is mitzi4eva@yahoo.com so send me mail, Happy to help!!

posted by  mb4eva

wow, your reply really helped no one :laughing:

really though, the original poster is probably dead now :orglaugh:

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