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I think Subaru ought to take note of what Misubishi has gone and done with the latest incarnation of It's Evo, the new Evo8 MR will sprint from 0-60mph in 3.5seconds..Ok ok, it's not the end of the world that the Impreza will do the same sprint in 4.5seconds, but that's borderline Enzo accelaration!....I know that the latest Evo is a lil modified but 3.5seconds from a 2litre engined saloon car!..what do you guys think? :thumbs:


Sorry if this topic has allready been started back on page 4 or 5 or's been a while lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Subaru most certainly needs to see this and use it as a reason to unleash its power in the form of a new STi/ SPT co-op beast! I hope they do it!

posted by  StiMan

I sure hope they do, too. C'mon lets face it, when Mitsubishi unleash a new beast, Subaru are never far behind! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

...If not a step ahead. If everyone remembers, the reveal of the Mitsubishi EVO for the US created quite a stir about how it was to trounce Subaru's WRX, but the next day Subaru unveiled their STi. Subaru, I'm sure, is stirring the cauldron as we speak.

posted by  Patrick

Most assuredly... Subaru wont allow the competition to get too far ahead...

Patrick, I have a complaint about your sig: when ever I see it I stare for a significant amount of time and forget what I was thinking about previously... NICE PIC!!

posted by  StiMan

yep, when ever one of these companies do one thing, sure enough, they wont be ahead for long

posted by  mazda6man

Just like when the Saleen S7 was in the lead for best 0-60 (in the states) for like 2 months at 3.23 sec and then when the Enzo was tested it lost that title to 3.2... how time changes things...

posted by  StiMan

But then who beat the Enzo? :wink2:

posted by  MaChao

In the US no one has yet to my knowledge... that kinda stuff would be in like every car mag in the states and I get about 3/4 of the big ones and havent seen anything about it...

posted by  StiMan

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