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What makes the Honda Type-Rs so much different and better than a "regular" Honda engine? I know very little about the Honda four banger engines.

I've read in some import magazines that talk about the "b16" and that's supposed to be very good. Are they the same by any chance?

I'm just curious because some of my friends have heard that Type-R cars are supposed to be "feared" on the streets. How would it stack against my 2jz-ge?

Thanks in advance.

posted by  MaChao

type-r engines are mainly b18 engines, the b16 comes in civics. the real thing about type-r engines is actually the way they handle, not power attributes. alot of work was undergone into their suspension and handling characteristics. other than that, there really is no "fear" factor or anything. as for ur 2jz on the is, i think both cars are even due to your car being a bit heavier, therefore evening the advantage u have on power over them.

posted by  Inygknok

I'm not too 'with it' as far as engine codes go, it seems that you guys in the US identify certain cars in this way, so, I'll have to skip the bit about that lol. It is my oppinion that Hondas Type-R is mearly just an upgraded version of a fairly standard 2.0litre lump, for example, the type-R will probably rev in excess of 8500RMP. It's the same with most 'slightly' modded cars or 'Hot Hatches' as we Brits like to call them....They just add bits lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks for the replies.

Now, Inygknok, when you say the Type-Rs are made better for handling, I'm guessing you mean all the handling and suspension differences are all made on the car and not the engine itself (because the engine itself can't possibly improve handling...). :doh:

I know that may sound very stupid, but my initial image of the Type-R was a different engine, and not a different handling car. So your explanation would mean that my initial image was totally wrong. Also, if this was the case, wouldn't it be possible to modify a non-Type-R Honda into a "Type-R" Honda by changing the suspension?

Cliffy, the 2JZ-GE is basically Toyota's inline-6. I just like to refer to it as the 2JZ-GE because of the jargon involved. :smoke:

posted by  MaChao

You really cannot change a stock Honda into a Type-R because Type-R refers to a car made by Honda... the car would be a modded Honda... you could call it "Type-R' but it wouldnt be Type-R... I sure said Type-R enough for one day..

posted by  StiMan

The Type-R like stated before is mostly about handling, but all come with power increases (less the NSX).

Some Type-R's over-time have been the Civic Type-R, Integra Type-R, NSX Type-R, and Accord Type-R/SiR.

Some of the engines (comparison wise) went like this....

B16a1/a2 Civic Si's - 160hp/170hp
B16b Civic Type-R - 185hp
K20a2 (I believe, may be another engine code, we dont get it here in the states) Civic Type-R - 200hp

B18a/b18b Integra LS/GS/RS/SE - 140hp
b18c1 Integra GS-R - 170hp/180hp (pending where you live)
B18c5 Integra Type-R - 197hp
K20z1 RSX-S - 210hp (really a U.S. ITR, less the LSD)
K20a Integra Type-R - 220hp

F20b Accord SiR - 200hp

Basically Type-R's got minor power increases, but MAJOR suspension adjustments. Some came with Koni shocks stock and were MUCH stiffer than the lesser counterparts. The CTR and ITR for the longest time and still are considered some of if not the best handling FWD's ever made. These are all basically road course bred cars. Almost all revved much higher than their other lesser counterpart engines too, such as the B16b could be tuned to rev up and past 10,000rpms while the F20B could reach about 8000rpms and the K20a go well past 8000rpms. I think almost all Type-R's came with Limited Slip Diffs as well. These were/are extremely fun cars to drive around a road course and were NEVER meant to drag race, like some people TRY to do here in America with B18c5 Integra Type-R's...They pull bad 1/4 mile numbers (14.8's is the BEST I've seen on a stock B18c5) but pull excellent road course numbers. I mean I got to see a stock B18C5 ITR w/ exhaust go up against a stock Mach One at Road Atlanta one weekend and it was amazing how much better numbers the 100+hp/200+tq disadvantaged Integra was pulling over the Mach (by a good 2-3-4 seconds each lap). Basically, that's what Type-R's are all about...if you want to see them in action, I suggest you try and catch an SCCA Speed World Challenege race with the BMW 3 series, Sentra SE-R's, TSXs and Integras/RSXs racing. Shows how much of a good handling FWD setup like the Integra and TSX can easily compete and usually beat the RWD BMWs by using not only a 'lesser' drivetrain setup of FWD vs. RWD, but also use smaller I4's compared to the larger BMW I6's.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I see, thanx for the info. I think it would be helpfull if somebody 'in the know' would write a thread regarding engine coding etc as I'm sure it would provevery enlightening to my fellow Brits...or am I the only one who'e weak point is codes? lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

You and the brits arent the only one... I have no clue relating to codes and, in theory, I should have a 2JZ-GE in my car... but I dunno...

posted by  StiMan

If you guys want to know more about engine codes, there was some really good info in this thread a while back.


posted by  MaChao

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