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Wifes car is in need of some help. Finding a manual for this car seems to be a real pain in the butt, so i figured id try for some online help.

Car is a 1994 hyundai excel 4dr auto trans fuel injected. Its having problems with cold start/cold idle. Chiltons doesnt give the procedure for adjusting idle/cold start, instead they say it requires specialized equipment and take it to a dealer. The only factory manual i have is for 89 hyundai excel and thats a different version of fuel injection apparently because its procedure doesnt translate to this car.

So, does anyone know this procedure or know enough about it to say if I can do it with a timing light and multi-meter, or does it require specialized enough equipment that i should just take it to a dealer and not go through the hassle?



posted by  AudiNut

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