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well i new to the forums and i was wondering how would u make a 240sx look like and run like a sileighty? also could u make the terms more simple because i dont know much about cars :doh: yet... but ill learn fast THANKS FOR TEH HELP

posted by  dark

ok... what a sil80 is, its a 180sx with an s15 silvia front end... sice we dont have 180s in america... you just use the ol' 240sx hatchback and throw on the s15 front end... as for run like a sil80, SR20DET

posted by  mazda6man

No, a sileighty is a 180sx with any kind of nissan silvia face on it. The s13 being the orginal and in my opinion the only sileighty since nissan actually made 400 orginal sileightys from the factory and the s15 face just looks stupid on a s13 chassis. If you use a 240sx then it needs a sr20det swap and 180sx taillights to be even close to a real sileighty. Like this pic of mine. Its for sale also 11k and im getting owned on the price. ull.jpg ull.jpg ull.jpg

posted by  sgpsileighty

sileightys did not come from nissan, some other company from japan (forgot the name) and they made 500 of them , thank come again!

posted by  DIZZYDORI

you should get smack on the head! your dumb :banghead: ! sileighty's are from nissan. it's basically a 180sx with a silvia front. and the pix of the 240sx up there is a wannabe sileighty. it looks like it but it isnt. its got most of the features but its not the real one.

posted by  silvia_star

not thats one nice 240sx. simple and clean. not alot of people have that look. most people have the 240sx coupe with that front end which is ugly. your kouki backlights kick ass. them are tight! :thumbs:

posted by  silvia_star

I'm 99% sure they're from Nissan.

posted by  ThirdeYe

a sil80 is a combo of a nissan silvia and a nissan 180sx :thumbs:

posted by  gtr_man

they arent made by nissan. I swear forums are gettign filled with people who do no research once so ever and flame others when they dont even know..

a sil80 is a conveted silvia front end but there was a sil80.. made by kids heart but never released through nissan. 500 were made and are super rare and have fun getting the parts to make it a actual sil80.. wont happen

EDIT:found this topic when searching on google for parts and replied.. didnt notice the date.. hopefully someone has figured this out by now.. Sorry for bringing it back from the dead

posted by  bovaddict

Funnily enough, people reviving 18-month-two year old threads contributes a great deal to the flaming that occurs....

posted by  Cliffy

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