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I always see these riced out civics with their coffee can fart pipes and their so annoying, the little "zing zing" sound. It doesnt have the deepness like a v8 baritone

posted by  RicerHater

I'm no fan of them either, but saying that in the 'ricer' section of CF may cause a 'lil tention, lol :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Ricer is a racial slur in my idea (I am not asian so I cant say if it is really offensive or not) and I really dont like it... I think that some fart pipes can be annoying but others sound great in my opinion... I am not saying I like them enough to put on my Camry.. that would be stupid, but they can be cool when used correctly...

posted by  StiMan

Well, I'm sorry they annoy you ricerhater. The thing is, this forum wasnt created for whining. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

the "zing zing" sound LOL.. i like that! thats exsactly what it sounds like!

posted by  Ki2AY

Gosh i know what you mean.There is a with civic with white rims(blasting the latest crap ooopps i mean rap) @ my school With the ricyest zingerz!!lol :banghead:

posted by  redlineracer

Arghh reminds me of the guy on the dirtbike down my street. I think this teenager that rides an old dirtbike with a peice of sh!7 fart can that has the most annoying sound 'ZINGGG ZZING!!'. The guy should even ride it on the road since its not street registered.

Personally I like a soft deepish sound that dosen't make alot of noise.

posted by  chichi

I don't like them at all, but under normal driving they're not too bad. It's when punks drive them and consistantly rev those cars up to like 4 grand before they shift just to get it to be loud, now what's dumb. I work nights at a factory and sleep during the day in a quiet residential neighborhood, and nothing annoys me more than hearing those things zooming around from blocks away when I'm trying to sleep. The other day I kept heaing one zinging around up and down a street a couple blocks away, and at 12:30 when school starts agian it finally stopped and I could sleep.

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

Speaking of the RPMs, I was behind one the other day at a red light so I decided to watch his tach as he took off. (Yes. I do have good eye sight. 15/20.) He reved that thing up to 4K on start up.

posted by  DodgeRida67

The one on my Eclipse has a low, vette-like rumble. Of course it's dual so that might have something to do with it, but yea, I agree that they're annoying. Especially the ones who think that a fart rocket makes you go faster.

posted by  Anbuhero

Dont get me wrong i do like aftermarket pipes but i hate the ones that by the tips from thier local autozone ,and they think thier cool because they got the "zing-zing".Because they've whatched f and the f way to may times.If your going to but pipes get a whole cat-back system(for a deeper more more vrooom vrrooomm sound instead of the all so famous "Zing Zing sound) :banghead:

posted by  redlineracer

Hmm is that so? Now what would you know about anything dealing with an exhaust. Do you even own a car? Right...

Also not all "fart cans" are bought from Autozone. I ordered a GReddy exhaust for my late GSX and I even installed the silencers in the tip. None the less I always got that high pitched buzzing noise, and never could seem to get a deeper tone. A friend of mine has a 03` WRX and he has that similar problem. He's tried many exhaust to get away from the "ricey sound". I have noticed that the more trusted brandname exhausts do produce lower tones than a regular tip bought from just plain ol` anywhere.

Iregaurdless, its not my job to whine about exsessive exhaust noise. Thats why we have police.

posted by  DSMer

ya i must admit that is one of my pet peaves as well. They play no role other than to counter what a muffler was inteneded to accomplish...... :banghead:

posted by  Voda48

As much as it is the truth, I don't much appreciate everyone who takes that extra step when you say "I drive a Civic" to ask how "f***ing riced out it is". I mean, I realize that the Civic is the most "riced" car out there, but I think we misuse this term. So allow me a second or few to fetch my soapbox and I will stand and deliver my dissertation on "rice".

Rice is not determinable by the naked eye, nor is it contingent upon the brand, color, or appearance of any car. For something (more aptly, someone ) to be determined as ricey, it is necessary that one knows the person driving the car. People have different views of cool, and we each have an eye for different tastes. Some people like the sound of 6" outlet mufflers, and then some (more like most) don't. Some people like all flash for their car, because looks on vehicles are what appeals to them. I apply to this situation the philosophy of the stereotypical, car-virginous female: "Oooh! That one's pretty!" So let us leave the appearance, sound, and height of spoiler to the discretion of the driver. And please. Most importantly, do not call someone a ricer until you know that they claim that their muffler adds 40 hp and that their Paseo took on the neighborhood Corvette and whooped it by like 5 kajillion miles and a half. Because when people claim false things about their car, that is the time at which I proceed to pronounce them the proverbial ricer.
In conclusion, let us consider the old saying. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". And allow us to apply rice in the same fashion: "Rice is on the tongue of the driver."

So please leave my poor Civic alone and don't call her a rice-mobile. Angelina (my car, named after the hottest woman alive, Angelina Jolie (see below)) doesn't like it much.

posted by  Patrick

Sorry, I didn't mean to use the word in that context...if that's what you're refering to? :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I know what you guys mean.

I suggest going with Apexi if you can. My N1 Catback has that perfect low humming sound and i love it. I'm not sure if its made for your GSX but for the 240 it sounds so much better than my friends "flowmasters!" which happen to be exactly what you guys are talking about, the high picthed, louder than healthy, zing-zing sound. (and yes i am trying to talk him into asking for a decent exhaust for christmas)

posted by  MrBojangles

I felt the need to vent, and rather than start a new thread, this one seems fitting. First off, I disagree with people that say all foreign cars are by definition "rice burners" or whatever you want to call them. Still, there's no denying how embarassing it is to see someone with ugly cars that they think are fast.

Alas, the other day, a good friend (who actually is quite knowledgable) rolled up in his car...and sure enough, it was pure rice. I don't want to describe it too much, but let me say you couldn't plug the exhaust if you shoved a whole basketball in there, and the cold air intake (ooh, ahh..) was about all he had under the hood. He had other things done to it, but nothing that would actually make it significantly stronger.

But you know what? He LOVES it, noisy exhaust and all. Why didn't he just save up a little more money and put in something that would actually boost the performance? Couldn't tell ya. But hey, if it makes him happy, then to each his 0wn.

posted by  Rane

hows this the ricer section? you mean most of the ricers are in this section... noone likes ricers...

posted by  import_nation

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