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Hey guys i was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to find parts for a 92 celica.. i am trying to help my friend make his car "fast" and he is on a high school budget any segestions??? thanks.... iemota

posted by  Iemota

High school buget means not alot of money so maybe he can look for second hand parts. On a low buget you can't really make a car go alot faster. Maybe have it a naturally aspirated engine for a while then when he has enough money get a turbo or something.

Well it really depends on how much is this high school buget.

posted by  chichi

high school budget= about 100 dollars a week plus x-mas and b-days :D we r just lookin for like a header intake ect .... thanks iemota

posted by  Iemota

NOPI.COM use thier e-cat catalog

Im also on a high school budget i know how it feels LOL :laughing:

posted by  redlineracer

yeah eheh it really sucks having all these plans and ways to personalize ur car but not having the funds :(

posted by  Iemota

It's called dreaming. :hi: N00b corner. :laughing:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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