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ya i just got a 93 eclipse and its got a 1.8l and i was wondering how much it would cost to put in the engine of a 2.0l (4g63). i know the engine costs 800 and it doesnt come with a tranny i beleive and can i use the same tranny from the 1.8 or do i have to get a new one and i already knew that i got to get new wiring harness and ecu and wanted to know how much it cost.

posted by  eclipse1.8

If you have to ask you cant afford it. Just leave it as is, it's not worth it.

posted by  DodgeRida67

actually u dont need a new wireing harness.... from what i was told you just need the motor tranny and ecu... i am actually lookin at doing this exact thing in mine only im going to go with the 2.0 turbo model :D just my :2cents:

posted by  Iemota

DogeRida is right. Its not worth it for the money. You could buy another 93 Eclipse with the same ammount of money that it would take to put in a 4G63. Save yourself the hassle and time..

posted by  DSMer

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