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what is the best intake system for a 95 integra ls? also i need some hp for this car what is the best thing for hp...

posted by  Crazyjim

AEM INTAKE, DC HEADERS, DC EXHAUST ,Turbo charger(dont know best brand for integra) AEM BLOW OFF VALVE GET ALL THIS AND I WILL GIVE YOU A :clap: :clap:

In my OPINION these are the best

posted by  redlineracer

Injen RD has shown to get the most power for most small displacement applications.

You have a good turbo ready engine. Save up $2,500 and build yourself a nice T3/04e turbo setup.

posted by  thunderbird1100

my macanic said that the turbo might put 2 much pressure on my engine is this true i dont want my car to die after 30,000 miles....if this isnt a prob then iv already got the car has 80,000 miles and has been service by the dealer i bought it from. and does nyone know the best turbocharger for my engien(i was lookin at a gready)

posted by  Crazyjim

Find a new mechanic, because he doesnt know crap about the LS engine. I suggest finding a Honda/Acura specialist place, they know thier shit. The LS is a fantastic motor for a turbo setup and a lot of Integra and Civic swappers are finally leaning away from chalking $3k into a B18c1 swap (which is a whopping 170/180hp) and going out to where the real power is at which is a $800 B18b motor (140hp to start...let's see, you pay $2200 more for 30-40 more hp with the B18c1...see, thats what these idiots are finally realizing) and turboing it (which should net you around 220-240hp on a stock engine with a T3/04e @ 8psi). Any good kit with a T3/04e will do, make sure it has injectors and an Intercooler too.

posted by  thunderbird1100

is a greddy turbo kit ok?

posted by  Crazyjim

Un huh is that true? Do you know his Mechanic? Have you seen his car? Have you been there through all 80,000miles to see the wear and tear put on it? If you've answered no to any of those questions maybe you should find yourself new brain. You have NO reason to suggest that his mechanic is giving him false information because you don't know much of anything yourself. For all you dummys out there in Car-Forum land turbocharghing 10 year old cars with 80k+ miles can and most likely will potentially cause problems.

Maybe if you pulled your head far from out the orifice that it resides in, you'd quickly realize that just because a motor CAN be turbocharged does'nt always mean you SHOULD do it. You dumbasses piss me off to the point I'm outraged at your ignorant comments. You are pieces of insignificant shit, and I really wish you would go away, shut your mouth, or possibly just learn what the hell you're talking about. Any Acura specialist is going to tell him the exact same thing. His engine has alot of miles on it, and could potentially be weak. A rebuild before turboing, or possibly a good replacing of some internals would be justice due to the engine. Not slapping on the largest turbo he can possibly find like you have suggest. Take your rice boys ignoramic comments to some place where the'll feed your bullshit, because I'm not having it.

I don't even know where the hell you get off giving him information. Just like a damn ricer, could'nt tell a piston from a valve. I'll be more presice.

1.) 80,000 miles on ANY engine provides lots of wear and tear. Hoses may not be strong enough to handle turbo boost, engine seals and gaskets may not be strong enough to hold the pressure.

2.) N/A engines are'nt made for turbos. So theres ALWAYS a risk of running into problems due to boost.

3.) Not any good kit will do, as dumbshit above suggested. There are many kits online that just don't offer the quality that all other do.

Heres what you can do....
You can go to a Acura specialist or anyone who typically works with import engines. Have a maintainence done to your engine. Fluid, oil lines, seals, etc..(have it rebuilt if you want to be even more safe) Have them compression check your motor, run diagnostic test, pic up any error codes. Lower compression pistons will be a great beneficial factor in the turbo setup. Stronger valve setup, and most definetly a re-tuned ECU. A complete exhaust 2.5-3.0" setup to help the turbo out. A quality turbokit, with a turbo that properly sized to fill your needs and not large enough to be underpowered. It has come to my attention that not all turbokits come with intercoolers. Well there are a wide variety of intercoolers, choose one that fits to your vehicle and is sizable enough to properly cool the air.

Have a professional installer do this job. If you don't know what you're doing, why risk it. You would'nt perform heart surgery on your brother, so don't attempt to do it to your car. Turbokits may cost $3500, but as with EVERYTHING in the car world. It usually cost more than you originally intended.
The above setup may cost near $5000, but who said anything about having a turbo was going to be easy? You should be all to willing to pay more money to have it properly done the right time, instead of having to pay $2300 down the line for a overboosted integra engine. Research it, think about it, and follow through.

**Furhter Note**
If you don't know what a turbo is or does into full depth, you had better get to reading if you're planning on doing a turbo conversion.

posted by  DSMer

Stick to DSMs, because it seems you know about as much about his engine as his mechanic claims he THINKS he knows. I don't even want to BEGIN to tell you how many turbo B series cars I've dealt with and seen running around, ranging from fresh new remanufactured b18c5's with 0 miles getting the boost to 180k mile B18b's seeing 7-8psi daily for 2-3-4 years. Again, your speciality is obviously not Hondas, stick to DSMs.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Hmm..., right mr. Mechanic. You've "dealt" with? You have'nt dealt with anything, you've seen. Again any knowledgeable person will tell you that doing any aftermarket mods to an older engine IRERGAURDLESS to it being a Honda or a Ferrari, is a no no.... Rebuild it or have it tuned up first PERIOD. Not Honda knowledge, its common sense. But I suppose dumbshits like yourself would'nt think of that now would you?

Some people should literally take the think, type, submit thing to a literal level, because you dickheads just are'nt firing nuerons anymore.

posted by  DSMer

What's the stock compression ratio on that engine? If it's too high, you might need to swap to lower comp pistons or maybe get around it with a thicker head gasket. Turbo swap will be lots of labor to install, because it's all going to be a custom aftermarket setup. I don't know from experience whether a stock honda bottom end will take that kind of power or not. And I am doubtful that the stock valves would hold up under that heat, but not sure on that. Will the stock cam work? These are all questions you should take to a local shop that specializes in upgrades to imports. Don't take it to someone who can do it, take it to someone who has lots of experience doing upgrades to jap motors. Assuming the stock honda bottom end is strong enough and in good enough shape to handle a turbo, you might have to go easy on the boost with the stock crank, rods, ect. A rebuild before adding this amount of power to your engine may be in order. Just plan to spend lots and go talk to an import specialist company.

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

ok guys thanks for all the help ill take it to my machanic first then ill go to the honda place....thanks

posted by  Crazyjim

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