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im planning on turbocharging a ka24de longblock this car will be set up for drag/street i have a few questions...JE forged pistons Ross pistons both 8.5 1 compression ratio? any manufacturer make pistons with lower compression ratio? pauter rods or jim work technology? APEXi N1 exhaust, JIC 505 catback exhaust or Magnaflow catback exhaust? does anyone make aftermarket cams? stroker kits or anything? thanks. i have been searching for weeeeeeks for theese answers but no results from local shops (4) shops or the net. if you have ANY suggestions please post i'd like to hear everyones 2 :2cents

posted by  Corey

I dont know but 8.5 1 ratio is pretty good :clap:

posted by  redlineracer

i would go with the ROSS pistons. ive heard alot of bad things from JE. many cases of piston slap while warming up engines, which is BAD. also, ROSS pistons come for cheaper (same quality) and include more complete kits (last time i checked atleast).

as for the exhaust..... i would get the one that offers the most for the least $$$$

aftermarket cams, click here (http://www.google.com)

dont know why u would wanna stroke the KA, but if so then go here (http://www.google.com) instead.

posted by  Inygknok

Are forged eagle pistons available for the KA24DE? I'd have to go with those over JE and ROSS.

posted by  DSMer

idk i will look into the eagle pistons

posted by  Corey

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