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Call me stupid, but i want to put a new engine into my '95 accord. i just got the car when i got my license and it was 178,000 miles on it . i dont want to have to worry about the thing dyin on me and i want to be able to enhance the engine without paying towards a worthless cause. as of now, the car is all show and i just want a new engine. what type of engine could i get that would fit into my car..and how much about do u think it would run me. i dont know much about cars so i dont know if im wrong in saying i want a whole new engine..haha..feedback would be well appreciated.

posted by  Ir8i8sh

178k miles is NOTHING on a f series Accord engine. These engines I know easily last well past 300k miles if maintained properly (have 205k on mine). But, if you want more power, look no further than a $2000 h22a. www.jaydm.com

posted by  thunderbird1100

he's right about 300k miles out of the stock accord f22 motors, and hes also correct about $2000 H22 swaps that make 200hp stock and have more torque than any other honda 4cyl. also www.hmotorsonline.com or www.jdmshit.com or www.osakajdmmotors.com

posted by  HOOKSH

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