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My name is Jerry Barvinek and I would like to ensure that none of you get taken of your money the same way I did. Back in October 2003 I had the ‘opportunity ‘ to bid on a RB20DET, a Nissan Skyline engine; on Ebay from a company named . My plan was to install this engine into my 1971 Datsun 240Z and make a modern performing classic. In any event I was unfortunate enough to win.

As it turned out I sent a certified check to Aaron Fein in Ocala, Florida for $2284US and was assured a 3 week delivery to my door. After many emails and a few phone calls, I started to worry that this deal was getting very sour. He did respond but very vaguely obviously stalling. As the weeks went by it became obvious that nothing was going to happen. Eventually all contact from Mr. Fein to myself ended.

Anyway, its over a year now, the money is lost, and the web site is still there ........I'm assuming still ripping people off! . Yes, I learned from this experience but wish that nobody else goes through the same let down.

Buyer Beware! Take Care!

Cambridge, Canada

posted by  jerryb

thanks for the warning

posted by  mazda6man

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